How To Play Lorion In Arena of Valor Guide (Builds & More)

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Area of Valor is a MOBA for mobile that is making big waves in the esports scene with the news of a massive increase in prize pools for the tournaments. With the game being clearly focused on competitive play in the future, surely many players are eager to find their main and grind to reach higher ranks.

With this in mind, we bring you a complete guide for Lorian and all you need to know before getting into those ranked games.

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Character Overview and Abilities

Lorian is primarily a mage Midlaner who has the potential to be amazing in team fights with his passive allowing him to shock multiple targets at once. Lorian has a passive and 3 abilities that are listed below-

  • Eternal (Passive)- Hitting the 2nd and the 3rd ability on Lorian will shock nearby foes.
  • Skill 1: Here’s what i think – Lorion is able to change the position of Dark Sphere 2 times to deal magic damage to anything in his way.
  • Skill 2: Darkness Falls – There are 2 ways in which this ability works. When the orb is outside Lorian he deals magic damage to nearby foes. When the orb is outside Lorian, he will leap towards the orb dealing damagae near his landing position.
  • Skill 3: Starry Night – Lorian explodes the Dark Sphere to deal Magic Damage and inflict a 1.5-second stun.

Summoner Spells, Items,Arcana and Ability order

Summoner Spell

Lorian always takes the Flicker as his summoner spell. Flicker Teleports your hero a short distance which is very useful on Lorian and compliments his playstyle well.


Being MOBA players can always experiment with their builds. However, here’s the build we believe is dominating the game right now. These are the items that you need in your Lorian build-

  • Orb of the Magi
  • Enchanted Kicks
  • Boomstick
  • Hecates Diadem
  • Staff of Nuul
  • Rheas Blessing


The recommended arcana for Lorian is

  1. Enlightened x 10 – AP: +5.3
  2. Sap x 10 – Magic Life Steal: +1.6%
  3. Hex x 10 – AP: +2, Cooldown Speed: +0.7%

Ability Order

The recommended ability leveling up priority for Lorian is

Skill 1— Skill 2—Skill3

The leveling-up priority with Lorian is very standard, use your first few points to unlock all of your skills, prioritize skill 1 over 2, and upgrade your ultimate ability whenever you can.

This is everything you need to know to get started. Hope this guide helps you in your ranked journey as you unleash the magic on your foes in Arena of Valor as Lorian.

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