How to Play Squid Game in Free Fire (Red Light, Green Light)

free fire squid game

Garena Free Fire is one of the Most Downloaded Battle royal games on Android and ios, The game has the best gameplay, Game Modes, and Character customization.

After all the Squid game Show popularity, Free Fire has also come with the best way to entertain their players, by adding the Squid game mode into it

Although Free Fire has the Squid game added, they haven’t included all of these six games. Instead of adding the whole game, they had added the Red Light, Green Light Mode Only.

What is Red Light Green Light Mode in Free Fire?

If you are not familiar with the recent Netflix most viewed show, “Squid Game”, then this game will be new to you, besides that only the show lovers will get the fun.

Still many of you might relate with it, Red Light, Green Light is a part of Squid game which are total of six games in total.

Here you have to complete the level by going start to the Finish line carefully without getting caught & Killed by the Big Doll, which turns by every 2-3 seconds.

Free Fire Red Light, Green Light Event Dates

The Event for this Game Mode is only for Limited time, you can still enjoy the game now, before getting this Event Ends. Below are the Dates for the Event to end –

  • Start Date : Oct 16, 2021
  • End Date : Oct 25, 2021

How to Play the Squid Game Mode in Free Fire

red light green light free fire

The steps to play this game are pretty simple, if you are not loss in the game, it is quite easy to search this game mode and play!

  1. Go to App Store & Update Free Fire (if haven’t)
  2. Now, Start the Game
  3. Tap on Battle Royale Mode on Right Corner
  4. Scroll to the Right Side till you find the banner.
  5. Tap on the “Red Light, Green Light” Banner
  6. Press Start to Play!

You can play the Red Light, Green Light Mode in Free Fire easily, we can expect more squid game modes in future updates by Garena, which can happen for sure, for now play this game mode before this ends.

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