How to Restore Health in Harvestella

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Developed by Live Wire and Published by Square Enix, Harvestella was released on 4th November 2022 for the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows. A Life Sim in the form of an RPG, Harvestella pits players into the disastrous town of Nemea.

In Harvestella, players survive against the Quietus season by forming alliances, making bases, growing fruits, vegetables, and crops for sale or use as crafting materials. You will meet characters such as Shrika, a missionary looking for something to believe in, Heine, a mechanic, Asyl, a descendent of the Wind Poem, and Aria, a girl claiming to be from the future.

In this article, we will discuss the How-To guide for Restoring Health in Harvestella. For more content regarding Game Guides, Tutorials, and Tips, visit our Guides Tab.

Source: Steam

How to Restore Health in Harvestella

Although Harvestella is a relatively easy RPG, you can find it difficult to play against certain enemies without a full HP. These steps will help you in restoring your Health in Harvestella.

1. Eat Cooking Ingredients

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Source: Square Enix

You can use cooking ingredients in order to create dishes, which will in turn give you much more HP. But cooking ingredients can be found around the world in Harvestella, and they give a decent amount of HP when you are in the middle of a battle or are just lazy!

2. Create Cooked Meals and Consume Them

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Source: Square Enix

Along with providing a lot of health points, cooked meals also give you stat boosts and a good amount of stamina. You can make cooked meals after renovating the Kitchen Counter in your home.

3. Rest in Rest Areas

Source: Steam

There will be places in the world where you can rest and replenish your health and stamina. Due to their rarity, it is advised to carry cooking ingredients and meals for emergency usage.

Source: Steam

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