How to Rob a Train in Bitlife 2022 (Easy Guide) + Tips & Tricks

Developed by CandyWriter LLC, Bitlife is a real-life simulator that has a huge variety of things you can do. It lets you take control of someone’s life from the moment they were born to the moment they die, while sometimes this could be the very reason for their death sometimes.

The best and the most entertaining life in Bitlife is the life of a criminal. And this is exactly why you shouldn’t connect the game to real life. But, while you’re having fun being a criminal and having trips to prison every now and then, one of the most dangerous, but also the best crimes in the game is robbing a train. And that is exactly what we will discuss today.

Robbing a train in Bitlife is dangerous enough to sentence you to prison for life, but it’s also rewarding enough to give you at least $10 Million. Yes, you heard it right, the minimum reward for successfully robbing a train and escaping is $10 Million. While it doesn’t give you any extra items, this amount of money is enough to last you a lifetime. Now that you’re probably interested after just hearing about that kind of money, Let’s get right into how to rob a train in Bitlife.

How to Rob a Train in Bitlife

Before we begin, there’s a little requirement you have to fulfill before you rob a train. All you have to do is be 18 years old. This is because the Criminal line opens up at that age. So, no train robbing as a kid, that’s a big no-no. Fortunately, there is no requirement for criminal history to rob a train.

Once you’ve reached the age of 18, you can head over to Activities, then crime, and then Train Robbery. Here, you will be asked to choose the train you want to rob and the time you want to do it. Now, the time you choose will determine if you will even encounter a train in the first place or not.

Once you’ve chosen the right time, just open the game at that chosen time and you will find out if there’s a train available or not. And, if you do get a train, you can rob it and easily earn millions to have an amazing rest of your life. This is the basic metric to rob a train in Bitlife, but there are some special tips that can make this task easier for you.

Tips for Robbing a Train

One of the most important things during a train robbery is choosing the time. The time you select in-game is the same as the time on your phone. The clock is synced with your phone so 8 AM in-game will be when it’s 8 AM for you. So, select the time very carefully. The times where you can encounter a train in Bitlife are Noon(12 PM), Midnight(12 AM), 8 AM, 4:20 PM and 6 PM. So, go ahead and select the time that is nearest to your current time out of these 5.

One last time for this robbery is to not attempt to switch the date and time on your device because Bitlife can easily detect that. If you do this and attempt to cheat the system, you will be cheated yourself as the train will hit you instead of you robbing the train.

That is all for robbing a train in Bitlife, hope this article was helpful.

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