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How to Set Up a Custom Bot Match in Splitgate

Splitgate – Everyone is playing Splitgate right now and the game is now very much popular and played by more than 67K players total recorded by Steam Charts.

For newbies Splitgate as an free to play Mutliplayer, combo of Halo and Portal is now going to high everday, and getting difficult to play.

Making sure you need some Splitgate Tips and Tricks, we have already added it, make sure you check it out. Others, Here in this post we are providing some of the basic (beginners) guide to set up bot lobbies in Splitgate.

What is a Bot Lobby? Why is it Important

Some of the most popular games including Splitgate really need Practice. And to Practice you need to enter a lobby where you can kill the Bots and gain skills.

The game allows you to create a Custom Bot Lobby easily which provides you all bots in the match, which will help the new players to get game expernience and skillls.

Bots are so easy, easier than a normal player that kills you, so make sure you get total experience if you new to splitgate, and learn thrigh bots.

Are there Bots in Splitgate Matches?

The answer is Yes, the Bots exists, even in Matches. it can be in your team as well or as an opposite team. Bots are present in the casual playlist. If you or a teammate leaves the game, a bot will take your place.

You can detect who is a bot and who isn’t by clicking on any player’s name and checking if they have a Steam profile. Bots are accounts that do not have a Steam profile.

Bots are there, along with skill-based matchmaking and a lower player count, to avoid people in social matches from being entirely destroyed by professionals.

How to Set up Bot Lobby in Splitgate

Setting Up match with Bots is really easy, you just need to follow some simple steps and you can easily play with Bots!

1) Go to Splitgate, Press Play in the Main Menu

Go to Splitgate, when in the main menu, press Play, then click Custom which will appear there. And wait for the screen to open.

2) Create a Custom game

Now second step is to create a custom game, which is the main point here. After Clicking Custom under Play, this screen comes. Enter the Sever details as you want to play, then Click Create game.

3) Set Match Options

Now you need to select some basic match level settins, which include bots difficulties, Team, Maps, Match Types, Timing, Radar, Bowndaries and many more. But make sure the Bots is enabled (tick).

4) Play!

You have now successfully created a bot lobby for yourself, which is done in only three steps. Make sure you set the correct settings for the bots as well as matches, so that you can get best of the game experience and get skills.

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Nikhil Kumar

Nikhil Kumar is a Future Gaming site Professional writer who focus more on Game guides, Error Fixes, and some interesting How-to posts for needy ones. Detailed and Unique posts are always coming from me and written in easy language for better understanding.

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