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How to SET up KovaaKs Aim Trainer for Fortnite 2021

KovaaK’s Aim Trainer is all about grinding your mechanical skill and build a muscle mind connection so that when you hop in the game next time, your mind is already prepared for the aim and the in-game methodology, and you start popping heads in the starting only and dominate your enemies and finally achieve victory.

Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royal that has various types of game modes. There are a hundred players that try to survive the storm and be the last one standing. This game features game modes like Fortnite: Save The World, Fortnite Battle Royal, Fortnite Creative – a sandbox game mode.

Every player wants to improve their aim, whether it be any first-person shooter game. There are various trainers through which you can train your aim, and various pro players promote these trainers, but the best trainer out there for Fortnite is Kovaak’s.

What is Kovaak’s Aim Trainer?

Kovaak Fortnite Aim Guide Setup Maps

KovaaK is actually a former Quake pro, who on his quake journey, studied the decisions of various players and what situation led them to make that decision. This lead to the development of Kovaak’s Aim Trainer.

This Aim Trainer consists of flicking, tracking, accuracy tracker, and many more modes to improve your aim. To improve your game mechanics, various community maps help in learning the right wall use and more.

KovaaK’s has tons of different game modes focusing on every aspect of aiming tracking and long-range accuracy to quick flicks and 180 close range. So here in this guide, we will talk about how you can easily get started with Kovaak’s Aim Trainer.

Setting Up Kovaak’s Aim Trainer for Fortnite

Kovaak Fortnite Aim Guide Setup Maps Settings stats
  • First you need to KovaaK’s Aim Trainer from Steam for around 10$ or less.
  • This 10$ will be worth the money which will turn you from zero to pro in no time.
  • First thing is to setup your senstivity and in game resolution in kovaack.
  • Set your senstivity in game such that you are easily able to do a 180 on your mouse pad on one rotation.

For Sensitivity

Sensitivity scale“Fortnite Percent/Configure/Slider”
Horizontal sensitivityIn-game sensitivity(it will change w.r.t the Drills.).
FOV( Field Of View)80 (it will change w.r.t the Drills.)
Vertical SensitivityChecked
Invert MouseNot Checked

For Resolution

Video ModeFullScreen
ResolutionSet same as your in-game resolution( For stretched, use custom resolution).
  • In the weapon section : Set your crosshair to whatever you like
    • In Order to set your ADS sense check “Zoom Sense Auto Scale”
Hide WeaponChecked
Zoom Sense Auto ScaleUnchecked
Zoom Sense MultiplayerFortnite ADS Sensitivity Divide by 100

Settings With Respect To Drills/Maps

Kovaak Fortnite Aim Guide Setup Maps Settings tracking

For Tracking Drills with ADS

Horizontal Sensitivity(In-game sensitivity * In-game ADS Sensitivity) / 100
FOV Measurement Clamped Horizontal
FOV(Field Of View)80

For Tracking, Flicks (Everything else) without ADS

Horizontal SensitivityIn-game sensitivity
FOV MeasurementOverwatch
FOV(Field Of View)103


With these settings in your hand, you can master your aim in KovaaK’s Aim Trainer. Once you set up your Kovaak, you are ready for the next practice drills, or we can say map training. Check out the best maps for drills that help you develop better aim, tracking, flicking, 180 shots, and more.

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