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How To Solo MIA Missions In Rainbow Six Extraction (Guide)

How To Solo MIA Missions In Rainbow Six Extraction

In this simple guide, we will tell you the best way to do Solo MIA Missions in Rainbow Six Extraction so that you can easily complete these missions without your friends. So sit back, relax and read the whole article, and you are good to go.

So you lost one of your favourite operators to the Archaeans during a rather careless run, and now you need to go back in on a rescue mission, but you have no pals to jump on and assist you. Don’t worry. We got your back. We’ll guide you through a solo MIA mission run in the new Rainbow Six Extraction, so you go in, free your guy and make a swift escape. No-fuss.

Choose an easier difficulty

rainbow six extraction difficulty settings compressed

Since these runs save your missing operators, there is no reason to make it more challenging by selecting a harder difficulty. So pick the Easy difficulty to ensure a smooth Extraction.

Which character to Pick

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Most of the Operators in Extraction are centred around helping your teammates along with you. Then, on a solo run, it is better to pick someone like JÄGER or HIBANA, who have passive abilities that damage enemies and help you out when placed down or remotely detonated. These abilities have your back when you take on the fight while destroying the Tree’s flowers.

Pulling Out

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When you reach the Tree holding your Operator, set up all your abilities to assist you around it, you can then approach close to the Tree, deplete its energy level and start pulling the body out when prompted. If you have an active turret, it should automatically take care of the Tree’s Tendrils for you.

If by any chance some of them aren’t destroyed, or a new Tendril is attached while you’re pulling out, you can stop pulling, let go and destroy it yourself. Note that they can only be destroyed when it starts glowing, so wait for it before you shoot. You can always resume pulling the victim out, and it picks up where you left off.

The Way Back

Beginners Guide to Rainbow Six Extraction 2 12 screenshot compressed

You may have pulled your buddy out of the alien Tree, but you’re still in an active containment zone, with an unconscious body on your shoulder now. So be careful and try to move slowly and patiently to maintain stealth and take lesser fights when on the way back. Nice, you exit the building, reach the Extraction Pod and put your fallen Operator in it.

And you’re done. You successfully and single-handedly saved the life of your fellow REACT Operator, who shall be playable after a cooldown period. Happy Extracting!

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