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How To Solve Purification System Puzzles In Tower Of Fantasy

Purification Systems in Tower of Fantasy are one of the many different kinds of machinery that may be found all across the Miasmic Swamp. You’ll need these odd-looking capsules if you want to take advantage of all that the Miasmic Swamp has to offer. How to tackle Purification System riddles in Tower of Fantasy is explained in this guide.

In Tower of Fantasy, there are many things for you to engage with. These things include everything from intricate equipment to secret passages and puzzles. One of the numerous new objects included in the Miasmic Swamp update is the purification system. These devices frequently appear close to locations where poison is abundant in the swamp and look like yellow capsules with roots within. This is due to the fact that without them, you risk dying from the poison that the Titan Konjac roots scattered around the swamp.

Purification System


Three rotating rings are located in the centre of the lower half of each of these purification systems, you’ll notice it when you come across one. The yellow marker on each ring must be stopped so that it lines up with the yellow markers above and below the rings. You only need to hit the machine to halt the rings. The rings will stop moving up and down. If you strike the ring at the wrong moment, it will stop for a brief moment before restarting.

Purification Systems

The device’s yellow glow will turn green once all of the rings have stopped in the appropriate spots. When a Purification System is enabled, interacting with it will cause it to release gas into the vicinity. You will become immune to the poison if you stand in the gas, allowing you to collect some Revelation Seeds. The gas loses its effectiveness quickly. After around 30 seconds of moving away from the machine, your immunity will end.

The purification systems are helpful to you as you can receive temporary immunity from the poison emitted by the Titan Konjac. Solving the problem also rewards you with a Black Nucleus. The limited time that you get while the gas is released, you can use to collect Revelation Seeds. Hope this guide helped you to put these new systems to good use.

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