How to Stop Dying in Cycle Frontier Guide (Tips and Tricks)

The Cycle: Frontier could be a new first-person loot-focused extraction royale with PvE and PvP components. It takes place in 2 completely different locations: Fortuna III, the world wherever all of the combat and plundering happens, and Prospect Station, wherever you’ll trade, buy, and sell gear and things to organize yourself for the following drop.

You play as a miner, who’s tasked with dropping onto Fortuna III to gather valuable items of loot to come back to the 3 Factions on Prospect Station. Of course, you are conjointly bent build cash yourself thus you’ll obtain higher gear to create life easier in the world. Any break loose Tarkov fans can acknowledge the gameplay loop of The Cycle: Frontier straight off because the objectives area unit is nearly identical.

On Fortuna III, you are looking to fill your pockets as quickly as attainable whereas conjointly removing A.I. creatures and different players the UN agency has born onto the world. Once you are glad along with your haul, you’ll visit AN Evac Ship to depart the world along with your product.

However, if you are killed before you’ll build it to the ship, most or all of your gear is going to be left behind for the creature or player that eliminated you. the general goal of The Cycle: Frontier is to fight the A.I. and different players whereas warehousing loot that you just will sell or use to accumulate stronger gear.

In this guide, we’ll be going over some tips that you just will use to enhance within the Cycle: Frontier. a number of the ideas could be slightly obvious to some players however this game options many alternative mechanics to find out and keep in mind, thus it never hurts to possess a bit course of instruction.

Make preparations for your first drop

Crescent Falls Map

If you have played escape from Tarkov or Hunt: showdown, you will be acquainted with the core loop of The Cycle: Frontier. not like ancient battle royales, within the Cycle you do not drop into the game at an identical time as each alternative player and fight till one player is left standing. Instead, every server persists throughout the day, and players come by, complete their objectives, and extract whenever they like.

There’s no overarching aim with every match within the Cycle. Instead, you set your own objectives. does one need to collect metals and plastics to upgrade your gear once you are back home? does one need to hunt creatures to complete a precise faction’s quest? does one need to hunt and kill alternative players, and take their high-value loot and gear?

The key takeaway is: within the Cycle, you do not stay in a very match till either you die or “win”. Instead, you drop by, accomplish no matter goals you wish, and so extract at one in all the 2 extraction points accessible to you. thus if you wish to remain alive, you ought to continuously try and extract as shortly as you have completed your goals.

What loadout should be used?


As a beginner, your loadout should be as much budget-friendly and cheap as possible. You’ll have some nice Uncommon (green) things in your inventory once you begin the game. do not take those with you for your 1st run. Instead, take one in every one of the guns, one box of munition, and a few healing items. Equip a typical (white) Armor, Helmet, and Backpack. If you lose, you’ll be wanting to lose tiny.

Why is insurance important?

The Cycle Frontier Insurance Box

As you are preparing to Deploy for the Raid, you will have the choice to shop for Insurance for a few of your things. Buy it. it’s perpetually worthwhile — whereas you’ve got to pay some cash for the insurance, you will get way more reciprocally if you die.

Insured things can keep their Insurance indefinitely as long as you do not modify your weapons — you merely have to be compelled to screw once. If you die with an associate degree Insured item on you, you will receive the acceptable payout at the Insurance Package Storage in your Quarters’ income Generators.

Don’t skimp on Insurance. If you cannot afford it, you must do many runs of predatory on a budget.

Which map is best to scavenge gear as a beginner?

Cresent Falls map

From the terribly beginning of the game, you will have access to 2 maps: Bright Sands, and Crescent Falls. every time you drop, you’ll opt for that of those 2 maps you would like to land on. For now, I would powerfully advocate you land solely on Bright Sands.

Different locations of the maps are broken into tiers, that represent the PvE threat level and loot quality. Bright Sands is broken into Tiers 1-4, whereas Crescent Falls is Tier 3-5. Here’s what each of the tiers adds atop the previous tier in terms of PvE threats:

  • Tier 1: Striders, Blast ticks, and Rattles.
  • Tier 2: Heavier quantity of same enemies.
  • Tier 3: Mature Rattlers, Heavy Striders & Marauders
  • Tier 4: More number of elite variants
  • Tier 5: Savage Marauders

It’s also value noting that the toughest PvE enemy (Crushers) is exclusive to Crescent Falls, and manually placed despite Tier. therefore in short: Crescent Falls could be a very, very dangerous place for brand new players. stick with Bright Sands for current raids.

Things to look out for when you drop down for the 1st time

cycle frontier dead drop

There are not any mounted objectives within the Cycle. However, there are faction quests and jobs that you just will settle for and complete (more on these later). As time goes on you’ll find yourself having a lot of and a lot of faction quests active promptly – so much too several to try finishing in a very single match. therefore you’ll have to form a concept of action, taking into consideration wherever on the map you are spawning and wherever your extraction points are settled.

Ideally, you should start forging a plan as soon as you land since there isn’t a lot of time for you to stay safe.

Fall damage is dangerous in this game

The Cycle 1

While tons of contemporary shooters, like Apex Legends, don’t have any fall injuries, that is not the case within the Cycle: Frontier. Since it is a survival game, you’ll be able to completely die by jumping off one thing at a high distance from the bottom.

Even falling from a traditional distance can truly scale back your health by over you would possibly suppose. Even with armour equipped, you may still die from fall injury if you are trying to form your approach down a rocky geological formation or a dignitary building. The tutorial does not allow you to in on this secret, thus we have a tendency to thought we should always.

Face one battle at a time

the cycle frontier release date

While it looks obvious, this can be a simple lure to represent. Since The Cycle: Frontier is suffering from dangerous creatures, like Striders, and enemy players, you would possibly typically end up handling over 2 enemies at a time.

There may well be a pack of Striders to your left & an enemy running across a field or pool to your right. the simplest recommendation we are able to offer is to specialize in whoever saw you initially.

If you’ve got the selection between handling a player or a creature, accompany your gut. If you’ve got an outsized inventory of valuable merchandise, it’s most likely not an honest plan to fight another player unless they see you or they are heading to a constant location, like towards an Evac Ship.

However, if you are trying to kill some Striders and then kill an enemy player, chances are high that you will not survive the fight as a result you’ll need a minimum of 2 enemies returning after you. specialize in one, then modify the opposite.

Don’t play around with approaching storms

maxresdefault 3 3

Storms may be deadly. You must Extract if you’ll be able to. If you cannot do it in time, you must take shelter inside a cave or building ASAP.

Mind, I am not talking concerning the risks of low visibility — Storms are AN environmental hazard, too. You’ll be taking serious damage from lightning and it can even kill you if you’re taking an immediate hit. If you cannot make it to an Extraction purpose, take shelter till the Storm passes or you will be in serious hassle.

Always pay attention to your stamina

cycle frontier 16

One of the best things to overlook within the Cycle: Frontier is your Stamina bar. Once you are on Fortuna III, your Stamina becomes each your best ally and greatest enemy. If you have got full Stamina after you encounter an enemy, then your possibilities of living square measure a lot bigger than if your Stamina is even 0.5 depleted.

The game doesn’t create it simple on your movement if you have got low Stamina, thus solely sprint and jump once fully necessary. this may create combat less complicated if you bump into an enemy.

Try to evacuate as early as possible

Be Careful When Evacuating

Not all of the loot you discover on Fortuna III is used for printing functions or for a Faction mission. a number of the loot you discover is strictly meant to be sold out and web you a pleasant profit. after completing every run, undergo your inventory and skim the outline of every new item you empty.

If it sells for a solid range of K-Marks and you do not feel you would like it, then sell it. you’ll be able to do that at any Faction search or the fast search settled right close to the drop Terminal of Prospect Station.

However, be cautious of merchandising bound Legendary things, as these are typically required shortly for a Faction quest or for crafting higher-tier gear. Most of the time, you would like to stay a Legendary item unless you are fully positive you do not would like it. Whenever you loot a Legendary item, it is best to store it in your Quarters.

c. Weapon-Penetration & Armor types explained

Kinetic Arbiter 1

Weapon stats within the Cycle may be slightly dishonourable for brand new players. Say you’re taking a glance at a manticore automatic rifle and see that it deals thirteen harm per shot – however will it really? Then why would you ever use it over the so much cheaper AR-55, that additionally deals thirteen harm per shot?

The answer is penetration. If Player A fires at Player B, then the penetration worth of Player A’s gun is compared to the armour worth of Player B’s defence to see the harm dealt. If the penetration is larger, the shot deals bonus harm. If the armour is larger, the shot deals reduced harm.

There are different things that confirm what proportion of harm you wear down an attempt, like the gun’s effective vary and whether or not you land a headshot or not. however, the foremost vital facet to recollect is the penetration system. it’s going to sound complicated, however, it becomes terribly simple once you realize that you {just} just got to take a glance at the colour of the gear in question:

  • If the attacker’s weapon colour is the same because of the defender’s armour colour, then the shot deals 100 per cent harm.
  • If the attacker’s weapon colour is best than the defender’s armour colour, then the shot deals over 100 per cent harm.
  • If the attacker’s weapon colour is worse than the defender’s armour colour, then the shot deals but 100 per cent harm.
  • So even though a white weapon and a green weapon seem to possess similar harm stats, realistically the green weapon can continuously deal additional harm as a result of its higher penetration.
  • Ultimately, the rarer the weapon, the stronger it’s – even though the harm stats do not appear to mirror this. If you wish to be told additional, there is a fantastic harm calculator on one in all the Cycle: Frontier wikis.

How to farm for better gear

FC3jzxBXIAAyRL 1000x600 1

A large part of the overarching progression within the Cycle: Frontier is the gradual accruement of higher weapons, armour, and gear. Here are a couple of tips in grips in mind to assist expedite this method, and acquire you clothed within the strongest instrumentation as before long as possible.

Economy drops area unit a really robust progression strategy. this can be vital. If you actually wish to stand out within the Cycle, do not simply keep dropping into Fortuna III with the easiest armour and arms you’ve got.

That is an excellent thanks to going from hero to zero very quickly. a way higher way to quickly progress is by oftentimes doing “economy drops”, wherever you get into with lower-tier gear than usual and check out to depart richer than you came in.

Potential these days to beat a heavily armed player with very low-tier weapons and armour. Or if you do not wish to fight, you’ll be able to simply gather materials, fill your little backpack to the brim, and extract. Rinse, repeat. Low risk, doubtless terribly high rewards.

Prioritize quests with sensible gear rewards. If you haven’t very been attentive to the rewards secured by factions for finishing their quests, now’s the time to begin being attentive. As quests get additional concerns, you will need to begin prioritizing. And an excellent thanks to rank quests is by trying ahead to visualize if finishing specific quest chains can lead to a shiny new piece of rare armour or aggregation.

Improve your standing with each Faction, however, rank only one. finishing quests and merchandising things to the 3 Factions back house is very vital. As you upgrade your standing with a Faction, you may unlock new things for purchase in their specific Faction search – most notably, some terribly powerful new weapons.

It is a sensible plan to enhance your standing with each Faction the maximum amount as potential thus you’ll be able to gain access to a wider style of weapons and alternative things. however I might advocate taking a glance at the weapon unlocks of every Faction, selecting the one set of weapons that you just most just like the look of, so that specialize in earning points therewith explicit Faction. That way, you may additional quickly unlock the higher-tier weapons and equipment that you are once.

Browse the Gear Printer and set your own goals. whereas most of the additional advanced weapons within the Cycle are found within the Faction search, the additional advanced armour, backpacks, attachments, and consumables should be crafted at the Gear Printer.

Do not get excited quite yet: it takes a bit for a brand new player to urge to the stage wherever they’ll begin well crafting their own gear. It prices a bunch, each in materials and in K-Marks.

However what you’ll be able to do is begin browsing through the items you’ll be able to craft within the Gear Printer, so setting your own goals. wish to figure towards obtaining a purple Shield? Then begin prioritizing pillaging good Mesh and killing Marauders for Hardened Bone Plates. need a shiny long-ranged scope for your crack shot rifle?

Then you will need to begin scrounging for Optic Glass and Pale ivy Blossom to create a Print organic compound. Set your own goals, rank them, and you will quickly become a way stronger and additional heavily back-geared player.

Weapon attachments are vital. Most weapons have numerous attachment slots, and you’ll be able to add or take away attachments from any weapon on the fly, each in-match and back reception. These attachments will immensely improve a gun’s effectiveness.

If an otherwise powerful gun has ugly iron sights and serious recoil, apply a 2x scope, and a stock or foregrip. If you are going to hunt an attacker or device, then add an Associate in Nursing arms device that will increase harm against creatures before you allow it. listen to the attachments. they are vital.

Upgrade your provide Crates in your Quarters. a number of the potential upgrades you’ll be able to unlock in your quarters back home serve to extend the chance of obtaining high-quality loot from your daily provide Crate.

These provide Crates run on a twenty-four-hour timer, and every provided Crate offers you an opportunity to earn gear like weapons, armour, backpacks, consumables, and more. The additional materials you pump into the availability Crate upgrades, the additional you may begin to urge fairly powerful gear each day without charge.

Start enjoying Crescent Falls. As mentioned earlier, Crescent Falls could be an additional dangerous map than Bright Sands – however, that additionally means that it’s easier to search out higher-tier loot.

If you are beginning to reach bottlenecks to find materials for your desires, you’ll begin dropping on Crescent Falls instead. you will find it way easier to begin accruing stockpiles of slightly rarer things like good Mesh, Pale ivy Blossoms, Al Scrap, and so on. And keep in mind – although it is an additional dangerous map, there is nothing wrong with doing an economy drop into Crescent Falls for a low-risk venture to urge some high-tier loot.

Be patient. It takes time to urge to the stage wherever you’ll be able to afford to systematically drop with high-level gear and weapons. It’s meant to be a gradual progression. attempt to keep in mind this and avoid obtaining annoyance once you are running low on sensible instrumentation once a series of unfortunate drops. you will get there, I promise!

Miscellaneous Tips

The Cycle Frontier Public Gear Printing 696x392 1

We’re nearly at the tip of our beginner’s guide to The Cycle: Frontier. To wrap up, i am planning to list a variety of little helpful tips and tricks which will improve your game in numerous ways in which you can make the best out of it.

  • Your movement speed depends on your gear. you may run quicker together with your knife equipped than with AN assault gun in your hands. however your movement speed (and the noise you create, and your stamina regen speed) is additionally littered with the number of weight you are carrying. therefore if you would like to be quick and silent, best not over-encumber yourself.
  • Tactical and Restoration armour is price victimization situationally. There square measure each plan of action and Restoration variants of white-to-blue shields and helmets. tactical variants increase your max stamina, whereas Restoration variants terribly slowly refill your health whereas not in combat.
  • However, neither can offer the maximum amount of armour because of the normal armour variant. however, military science armour is incredibly helpful for location, notably as a helmet (so that you simply will keep most armour for body shots), whereas Restoration armour is often nice for econ rounds just in case you go on heals.
  • Use your binoculars. I’ve aforementioned before that The Cycle: Frontier may be a game that rewards patience, and therefore the gathering of intelligence before taking action. If you hold down your Tool key you may open a radial wheel menu of all of your tools. rather like your pickax, every single match you may even have a try of binoculars by default. Use your binoculars to scope out players and alternative threats across massive distances, or to require an awfully shut peek at a close-by bush that you simply suspect may harbour AN enemy mineworker.
  • 6x and 8x scopes have glints. Once you get to the purpose wherever you begin accruing countless Optic Glass, you may need to craft some higher scopes than the same old Red Dot Sight and 2x Optic you’ll patronize the short search. clearly, there square measure sensible edges that return from supplying your rifle or DMR with the longest-range scopes, however, bear in mind that the 6x and 8x scopes emit marksman glints that may divulge your position to the enemy whereas you are aiming at them. So, if you’ll escape with employing a 4x or lower, then I might stick to them instead.
  • Some things were amendments within the storm. Striders become charged and can drop Charged Spinal Bases throughout a storm. Bright cap Mushrooms become Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms. And presumably most helpful of all, the footprints that lead you to the terribly well-hidden blue runner Eggs become glowing footprints, creating it a lot easier to search out the precious eggs. therefore it is often helpful to venture out throughout the storm, as long as you steer afar from massive teams of creatures, and use your stamina expeditiously therefore you usually have enough to dodge lightning blasts.
  • Sounds are partly occluded by walls, cliffs, and obstacles. If you are fifty meters far from another player who is shooting, then the shots can sound quieter or louder betting on whether or not there is a formation wall or alternative massive obstacle between you. Likewise, noises from caves do not tend to travel terribly so much outside of the cave. it is not one thing to depend upon if you are the one creating the noise, however, it’s price knowing – notably as a result of you may assume those shots hearing are quiet as a result of the shooter is much away, once really they are quite close and therefore the noise is just being occluded by the close parcel.
  • Run into evac ships at the last moment. Evac ship landings and takeoffs are terribly loud and attention-grabbing affairs. it is not uncommon for players who are almost to extract to be killed within the ship before it leaves. To minimize the chance to yourself, hide close to the ship and solely run to that at the last moment. concentrate on the progress bar at the highest of your screen once the ship is commencing, and time your run consequently.
  • Some evac ships are additional open than others. each evac ship has four doors, one on every edge, to permit entry or exit. however betting on the evac location, typically just one or 2 of those doors can open. Most of the time this is often a decent issue for prospectors trying to extract; fewer open doors suggest that fewer directions from that you’ll get shot at the last moment.
  • Check the map before you’ve got even born into the match. every match begins with a cutscene of you in your drop-pod landing upon the map, and typically throughout now, you are unable to seem at the map. however, you can: simply hit ESC to bring up the in-game menu, then shut it once more. currently, you’ll open your map despite still being within the drop-pod. helpful for designing out your path through the map as early as potential.
  • Green Stims square measure well price victimization. AN Uncommon Stim heals twenty-five HP within the same time it takes a standard Stim to heal fifteen HP. they are in no way as low cost as white Stims, however, they are hardly valuable, and they will save your life in a very crisis.
  • Put previous currency straight into your safe pockets. typically you’ve got to be quite careful with what you choose to place in your safe pockets, as a result, they will solely carry a little quantity. however unspecified currency you discover weighs completely nothing, and the moment you discover any, you must place them straight into your safe pockets to make sure that you simply leave with the additional cash notwithstanding you are killed.
  • Aim for coloured elements of rocks whereas mining. Mining is loud, and if you are simply employing an edge tool, it is also fairly slow unless you mine expeditiously. To mine expeditiously, aim for the gem-like coloured elements of the rock initial, as a result, these elements of the rock are wherever the ores are often found.
  • Stand next to the blue flowers in Jungle to heal. The glowing blue flowers act as health regeneration stations: stand next to at least one and you may slowly heal. If you’re taking an excessive amount of healing from the flower, it will become “empty” and can not heal you.
  • Open fastened doors with keycards. As you explore and loot your manner across Fortuna III, you may begin to search out keycards that you simply will use to open specific fastened doors dotted across each map. These fastened doors are price gap whenever potential, as a result of those rooms are forever treated by the game together tier on top of the region the rooms square measure in. meaning they usually contain rarer and additional valuable loot than you’d otherwise realize in those points of interest. simply bear in mind that keycards all have a precise range of uses before they are lost forever.
  • Keep your stash from filling up. there is a finite slot limit to your stash back in Prospect Station. It is often upgraded in your quarters, however, there are alternative ways to stay your stash from filling up. I’ve already talked regarding marketing excess materials, however, you’ll additionally keep super-lightweight things like key cards in your safe pockets at any respect times. If you’ve got spare attachments usurping areas in your stash, pop them on a gun in your stash instead. you may still have access to them; they only will not take up further stash house.
  • Follow wires to search out batteries in sure areas. Some points of interest, like the Water Facility within the south of Bright Sands, are home to specific rooms that are fastened till you either connect or disconnect the acceptable batteries close. rather like keycard-accessible rooms, these battery-locked rooms usually have additional valuable loot than you’d typically realize, therefore it is a sensible plan to pay time finding the proper battery(ies) and interacting with them to induce within. If you are having to bother finding the batteries, hunt for wires leading from the place you would like to enter. Those wires can usually lead you straight to the batteries.
  • Stop and listen. Hearing the globe around you is implausibly vital in games like this. With a decent set of headphones and a decent ear, you’ll track the precise positions of multiple close players right away, whereas additionally pinpointing the areas you must avoid as a result they contain Rattlers, Striders, and alternative threats. totally different weapons additionally build distinctive gunshot noises, therefore you’ll begin to find out the loadouts of the enemies you are hearing before they ever get an opportunity to use those weapons on you. do not forever sprint all over – not solely is it terribly loud, but it additionally makes it more durable for you yourself to concentrate. Slow down. Be patient. Look and listen, then act.
  • Suppressors are glorious, notably in solos. you’ve got simply detected that listening is one of your most powerful tools and noise is one of your greatest weaknesses. With a suppressor, not solely does one build it easier to manoeuvre around and shoot while not enemies pinpointing your location, however you furthermore may build it more durable for AN enemy to work out your loadout prior to time.
  • Don’t get too connected – you’ll die usually, and that is okay. simply because a shiny new piece of substance values you tons of your time and energy to get, doesn’t suggest it will stick around. Purple shields and weapons are often ripped from your grasp as simply as the white gear will. If you discover yourself obtaining annoyed once a nasty game wherever you’ve got lost tons of your instrumentality, take a breath, and bear in mind that everything you lost is often rescued once more with some work. that is what The Cycle is. You gain gear, you lose gear. Even the simplest players die, and their belongings get empty. attempt to not take it personally; you may find yourself enjoying the game heaps a lot more.

So that reaches the conclusion of this article. I have tried my best to include all the different tips I can think of for your proper guidance in Cycle Frontier. Hope you like it, if you do then don’t forget to check out our other articles and follow us for more exciting news and facts.

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