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Survive droughts in Timberborn: Food, Water, Dam and more

With humans gone it’s time for the beavers to get their new home ready and survive. Mankind have turned earth into a dry wasteland and perished. This led to the evolution of some species.

In timberborn you pick a beaver faction from multiple factions and survive various conditions and check how long your colony lasts. There are two beaver factions: the nature-friendly Folktails or the industrious Iron Teeth.

Each of this faction feature unique style, buildings, and gameplay traits. You must choose these factions based on your playstyle. Control river, make buildings, survive different seasons and more in this strategic simulation.

Survive Droughts

Water is essential for all living beings and surviving without it makes it very difficult. Timberborn follows somewhat similar of how strategically you use water to survive different seasons so that your faction can survive.

Crops and fields require water for their nourishment and in drought season it is difficult to maintain the quality. In this guide we will talk about two of the effective ways you can use with which you can use water effectively and survive when the drought season comes.

The campaign in timberborn consists of cycles. The no. of days in these cycles differ in different situations. A warning is provided when the drought is about to hit, and it mostly depends on the difficulty level you choose.

When the drought comes all the rivers will dry starting from the top where the river starts. With the river dried your lands will be affected severally and crops will start to die if this situation is not handled properly.

Correct way to use Food and Water stockpiles


Droughts are like the worst nightmare for any living being. With no water you simply can not grow crops and the lands on which you live will eventually dry. This can also lead to the death of your unit/faction.

Follow these steps to keep the collection of water and food available when the drought comes :

  • Get three small water tanks with a water pump. This will help in collecting water. For more tanks you need more water pump.
  • With two gatherer flags collecting berries you will be able to get enough food supplies.
  • Install a farmhouse and employ farmers that plant and harvest crops.
  • Irrigation tower will help in keeping the crops alive.
  • Grill and Inventor(Science Points) will also help in advancing more useful building and nutrition.

Building Dams and levees for different seasons

timberborn drought

There are various other things you need to build. In order to build anything you need resources. So gather resources and try to build dams and levees. These are the best way to ensure that you have collected water.

Since the drought cycle and no. of days also changes then you will need enough water supplies to get survive that drought. While building dams make sure that the ground is elevated otherwise your whole village will be flooded.

Droughts may last for several days and these droughts will leave the land barren. When the drought is over then you will see water coming again, and thus you have to prepare again so that you can survive other droughts.

For a more detailed complete beginner guide on how to survive drought check the following video.

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