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How To Easily Turn Off Crossplay In COD MW2 (PC & Xbox)

Crossplay is a significant aspect of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but not everyone enjoys the experience of competing contradiction of PC players while playing on Xbox before PlayStation.

Luckily adequate, PlayStation players have the option to turn off crossplay in the CoD: MW2 menu. Such a choice, however, does not exist for Xbox and PC players, at least at the second, which left many Xbox players inquisitive about how they could turn off crossplay and simply compete against extra Xbox players.

For now, the only key to turn off crossplay on Xbox in CoD: MW2 is to do a workaround in the consoles’ settings, giving to CoD: MW2 players. Here are the steps compulsory for turning off crossplay on Xbox.

How Can You Turn Off Crossplay Xbox in Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Won’t Let PC and Xbox Players Disable Crossplay – IGN Daily Fix – YouTube

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  • Press the home button on the Xbox regulator.
  • Head to Settings and before go to General.
  • Press Online Safety & Family on the screen then head to Privacy & Online Safety.
  • Head to Xbox Privacy and move to View Particulars & Customize.
  • Go to Message & Multiplayer and then move to Join Cross-network Play.
  • Usual Join Cross-network Play on “Block.”
  • Hard quit CoD: MW2 then restart your Xbox.

Once you load CoD: MW2 again and then click multiplayer, a screen will prompt you to enter your Microsoft password. Afterward, you enter your password, you’ll have two options on the following screen: to also allow or cancel crossplay.

Click cancel and you’ll be able to hunt for online games with crossplay turned off. Players have found online foyers after following this workaround, but many are unsatisfied with how difficult the process is and are hoping that the designers add an option to turn crossplay on and then off in the CoD: MW2 menu on Xbox.

It’s uncertain at this point if Infinity Ward is planning to add such a selection for Xbox and PC players, though.

When playing first-person shooters, limitations are incredibly fine. The difference between winning or behind can often come down to milliseconds. And when playing at the highest level of gaming, players use every single benefit they can get. LAN tournaments provide a low-ping situation, as well as the best PCs to give players consistently high surround per second.

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This can come in near for console owners using a pad, as PC gamers tend to have a benefit with a mouse and keyboard (this is my excuse, anyway, when I try to defend my terrible KD ratio).

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