How To Upgrade Weapons Easily In The Callisto Protocol

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Callisto Protocol is a survival horror video game developed by Striking Distance Studios and published by Krafton. This game was released on 2nd December 2022 and has already become a topic of discussion for gamers. There are many aspects to talk about related to the game but one thing that has seen highly positive reactions is the graphics of the game. The game has very real-looking graphics and the cutscenes are so good feels like it’s a scene straight out of a movie.

The game story is set inside The Black Iron Prison which is located on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. You will be playing as an inmate named Jacob Lee. You will be fighting against other prisoners who are turned into monsters by some unknown disease. Mostly you will be using melee weapons to fight alongside gun-based combat. You will need to have your weapons upgraded to get around difficult fight scenarios and this is what we will be focusing on, that is, how to upgrade your weapons in this guide.

callisto protocol trailer img
Callisto protocol img via game trailer

How to upgrade weapons

You can upgrade your weapons as well as craft new weapons using a Reforge Station. In order to upgrade a weapon or craft a new weapon you will require Callisto credits. Callisto credits are the currency in this game. You can earn Callisto credits as you advance in the game. You will get Callisto credits from the environment, corpses of enemies and chests. You can also earn Callisto credits by selling different items that you will find in the environment.

How to upgrade weapons img
reforge station
Reforge – Callisto Protocol img via TheUntouchableWolf youtube

Although you will have to be wise with your choice before crafting or upgrading something since you will have to use your credits, and you won’t be getting a ton of credits so easily. That is it for this guide, Hope you found this article helpful. If you want more guides, tips and tricks related to this game or other games, visit

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