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How to use Lost Ark Facet Ability Stones Guide Easily

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In this article, I will talk about the ability stones, what they are, how to use them, and why they are an important part of your build. Make sure to add more points in the comment if we missed anything.

Lost Ark is the hottest free-to-play game in the market right now. A player can band with other players and team up to complete challenges. This action game is enchanting gamers all over the world and players are maxing out their character levels.

ability stones

What they are:

If you have been playing lost ark and you’re wondering what ability stones are that you’re collecting they are essentially an item that is something like an accessory that gives you a lot of vitality and engraving points that go towards different engraving perks that can power your character up dramatically.

What they do:

The stones come in four different rarities as you go through the endgame. Each rarity will offer you extra attempts at unlocking the engraving points to activate those perks. These perks offer a wide range of different bonuses that you need to achieve a certain amount of engraving points to activate level 1 2 or 3 of the perk.

Where to get them:

The stones can be got from a variety of different sources from buying them from other players at auction houses or to a lot of the end game content activities like abyssal dungeons, chaos dungeons, guardian raids exchanging time for powers of mystery, and even your daily and weekly tasks.

How to use them the ability of the stones:

To get the best shot to getting the abilities out of the stone look for a diamond icon on the NPC. Once you give him the stones you will be shown a screen where you get to see your success and failure rate.

This is heavily luck-based and depending on your luck you might also with your engraving get extra vitality points. So now let’s talk about the success rate. You essentially have a 75% success rate and this will either go up or down by 10% depending on if you succeed or not. It is noted that every time you do this process it does cost silver so it might be pricey.

I also recommend checking out this video below to give you a better idea.

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