How to use Shadow Stone then recover the Spirit Vessel in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

find shadow stone and recover spirit vessel

How to use Shadow Stone then recover the Spirit Vessel in Fortnite Season 8 Chapter 2. In this Guide, we will help you find Shadow Stone’s location and then complete the simple objective called recovering the spirit vessel.

For those of you who are new to Fortnite Shadow stones, Shadow Stone are a new addition to season 8 in Fortnite. These stones are generally cubical shaped objects that are scattered all over the map. You are unable to carry these, but you can harvest them.

Where to find Shadow Stone in Fortnite

You can easily find the shadow stone inside the wasted woods. Open your map and head towards the wasted woods, which is near the weeping woods. The map is turned brown in this area. You can also see the image below to determine the location of shadow stone in Fortnite ideally.

fortnite where to find shadow stone
Image Credits: Pro Game Guides

How to use Shadow Stone then recover the Spirit Vessel

I will suggest your read the paragraph above to find the shadow stone. After that, you have located the shadow stone. Head towards the stone and press and hold e to consume the stone. Then you will become a Spirit.

Now head towards the spirit vessel at the top of the location to the shadow stone. It’s located near a tree. I will suggest you watch the video below to quickly understand how to complete the challenge in Fortnite quickly.

Video: Pro Game Guides

I hope you were able to complete the challenge efficiently in Fortnite. Thanks for reading the article. I hope you have a nice day.

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