Halo Infinite: How to get and use Threat Sensor (Easy Guide)

In Halo Infinite, There are five types of Equipment that you can get through going to the main missions in the game. Here we are covering the Threat Sensor which is very much useful for obtaining enemies’ location.

These pieces of equipment are collected on the bodies of fallen Spartans, and Master Chief will attach them to his armor, letting you use them in the battles.

All Equipment in Halo Infinite

All Five pieces of Equipment are listed below, which can be found easily and used in the battle.

  • Grapple Hook
  • Shields
  • Threat Sensor
  • Deployable Cover
  • Thruster

But here we are not going to cover all of these, instead of that we will guide you to use the Threat sensor and its upgrades easily.

What is a Threat Sensor?

In Halo Infinite one of the very useful Equipment, the Threat Sensor is an item that can be used in connection with the MJOLNIR (GEN3) armor.

The Use of the threat sensor is to Show or Expose the hidden enemies, just like Sova’s drone in Valorant, which helps to highlight the enemies with a glow that makes sure about the location of the enemy.

Where to Find Threat Sensor?

The Threat sensor is easy to find, In Multiplayer Mode, you may easily locate this equipment around the map and looting locations. Also, Threat sensors are spawns in specific Equipment Dispensers.

  • Deadlock
  • Fragmentation
  • High Power
  • Launch Site

These locations listed above are very common for threat sensors, which you can find by checking there.

How to Use Threat Sensor?

Before using the threat sensors, note that the sensors have a limited amount of time which is the cooldown time. Threat sensors have five seconds of cooldown and are weak can be easily destroyed by gunshots easily.

  1. Press Right on the D-Pad to open Gadget Menu
  2. Down to select the Threat Sensor
  3. Press RB (Q on PC) to fire the sensor
  4. It wil show all the hidden enemies in that area

Threat Sensor Upgrades

Halo Infinite Threat Sensor

To upgrade the Threat Sensor, you must locate and use Spartan Cores, which can be found in UNSC-branded crates spread around Zeta Halo. You can update the threat sensor by pressing the ‘View’ button and then navigating to ‘Upgrades.’ On the third row, you will see Threat Sensor.

All Threat Sensor upgrades, as well as their cost in Spartan Cores, are listed below. Please remember that these enhancements must be unlocked in the sequence shown below.

  • Seeker (1 Spartan Core) –> Increase the Sensor detection radius by 50 percent.
  • Operative (2 Spartan Cores) –> Add second charge to the Threat Sensor.
  • Clairvoyant (3 Spartan Cores) –> Reduces Sensor cooldown by 40 percent.
  • Omniscience (3 Spartan Cores) –> Improves threat Sensor vision which has continuous enemy vision and their health will be revealed now.

That was all about Threat sensors in Halo Infinite. The guide was very simple to understand, make sure you utilize the threat sensor in-game to take more advantage over the enemy.

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