Roblox: How to Votekick in Phantom Forces (2022)

phantom forces vote kick

Hackers have been a big problem in Phantom Forces on Roblox and this guide will highlight how to votekick in Phantom forces when it comes to any of the hackers from your lobby.

Phantom forces, developed by StyLiS Studios, is a first-person shooter game that is heavily inspired by games like Battlefield and Call of Duty. When you get into a game, you have a spawn point. Once you spawn, you’re supposed to run to wherever the action is and then kill enemies in the game.

While this is one of the popular games on the platform, it also has one of the biggest hacker problems on the platform. Hacking has been an issue with games since the beginning but it is on a rise lately. With hackers constantly finding new ways to cheat in a game, here’s how you can votekick in phantom forces to make your experience in the game better.

Votekick in Phantom Forces

First of all, to be able to kick any player in the game, you need to make sure that the votekick option is Enabled for you. This also lets you see the votes if someone else starts it. To do this, when you’re in the main menu, head over to settings and then Game Settings. Here, you will find the Votekick option. Enable it.

votekick in phantom forces 3
Enable Votekick Option

Once this is active, head over to a game. If you find anyone that’s suspicious or is very clearly cheating or making the environment toxic in any way, you can votekick in Phantom Forces using the following steps:

  • Press the ‘/‘ key on your keyboard. This key is located on the left side of your Shift key. This will allow you to type in the chat bar. Once you’re able to type, paste the following text – “/votekick:
  • After pasting the above text, just type the name of the person you want to kick, including yourself. Press Enter and a vote will pop up where every player in the lobby can vote to kick that person.
  • You also have a vote and you can press the green button to vote to kick the person or the red button to deny it.

That is all for vote kicking someone in Phantom Forces. Hope this article was helpful.

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