How to XP Farm & Level up fast in Thymesia

How to XP Farm Level up fast in Thymesia

Memory Shards play a very critical role in the game, as you need them to upskill your talents and unique attributes. There are various ways to acquire Memory Shards, but some methods are quicker than others. In this article, we will see how to level up quickly and earn Memory Shards in Thymesia. Your experience is counted by how many Memory Shards you have accumulated.

The more you advance into the game the harder it becomes. Our best bet is to collect just enough Memory Shards that can help level up and get more points to upgrade character attributes.


How to get these shards and XP?

Of the various ways to earn these Shards the best and one of the most popular ways is to ‘defeat enemies.’ It is better if you scan the entire level before heading towards the boss and defeat every enemy you come across.

These enemies also have a chance to respawn every time you rest at a Beacon, so you get plenty of opportunities to farm Memory Shards in the early game. 

Apart from the killing of bosses and enemies, there are other ways like quests and side-quests to farm XP. Side-quests can be unlocked after completing the level for the first time which is another great way to get a rerun of the level as enemies can then drop a few more shards which you can collect.

You can also try to increase the amount you get by investing in the Talent Tree and crafting Potions. The Talent you should try to splurge all your points during the early game is Luck. Increasing the level of Luck can increase the chances of getting more Memory Shards. You can also try to craft the Focus Potion to get a 10% chance increase for getting Memory Shards from enemies.

Besides these two memories, there’s a Collection of Memories to get a solid boost in earning Shards. These come from defeating bosses and mini-bosses at each level. The higher the Collection of Memories being used, the more Shards you will accumulate each time. Each time you level up, you can use your XP points on increasing your three attributes, namely Plague, Vitality, and Strength. Each time you increase these attributes, the stronger you will become. 

That’s all there is to know about levelling up in Thymesia. If you do like this guide, please check out our other guides as well.

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