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How do Warzone Cheats work? Spot a hacker in Warzone Easily

Warzone is a free-to-play multiplayer battle royale created by Activision and Blizzard Entertainment. The main goal of the game is to be the last man standing on the battlefield. Warzone became so much popular, and it became the reason why PUBG steam was dead within months.

With popularity comes cheaters. Warzone is free, so there are many cheaters in the game running other people’s experiences. Also, the warzone anti-cheat is not very strong and easy to bypass. That’s why these cheaters are running everyone’s experience.

There are many cheaters in the warzone, and they are using so many types of hacks in the warzone. Some of the hacks are mentioned below that these cheaters use to ruin other people’s games.

  • Warzone ESP Hacks
  • Warzone Aimbot Hacks
  • Warzone No Recoil Hacks
  • Warzone Always UAV Hack
  • Warzone Unlock all Tool
  • Warzone Bot Lobby Tool

All of these cheats mentioned above have different features, and I will explain every hack step by step to understand how these cheats work and how you can spot a cheater in the warzone and report them immediately.

Warzone ESP Hacks

warzone esp hacks

ESP hacks are very commonly used in the warzone and many other games. What esp hack does is help the cheater see the players behind walls and objects. If you want to detect that a player is using esp hacks, spectate the cheater, and you will notice.

All you have to do is report the cheater immediately using the in-game report system and block him immediately in your game.

Warzone Aimbot Hacks

warzone aimbot hacks

Cheaters use aimbot hacks for killing players immediately in-game. Aimbot instantly locks onto the enemy head and kills the player. If you want to detect a player using aimbot, you don’t even need to spectate.

See his movements and how much damage is giving the player as the cheater using an aimbot won’t miss any shots, which is inhuman. Also, check the kill feed. If so many players are getting killed by the same person, you know it’s the cheater.

Warzone No recoil Hacks

warzone no recoil hack

No Recoil hacks are most hard to detect by the anti-cheat as the cheat never targets the memory, which is probably an external hack. No Recoil hack helps you control the weapon’s recoil without moving the mouse downwards, which is unfair.

Warzone Always UAV Tool

warzone always uav tool hack

This tool will help the cheaters to constantly keep a UAV on the map, which means the cheaters can see your every movement in the game and the location of all other players on the map.

This hack is somewhat similar to esp hack because it reveals your location but not completely. This cheat is very hard to detect by players because the activity of the cheater won’t seem suspicious while spectating.

Warzone Unlock All tool

warzone unlock all tool hack

Warzone Unlock all tool can help you get all in-game camos, blueprints for free without paying for them. Many cheaters are using this to unlock all hacks in-game. These cheats are spectated by so many streamers like Timthetatman and Dr.Disrespect.

This cheat is not harmful because it just adds skin on your weapon, but it’s still a hack which is not good because all other players have to grind or buy those camos, and cheaters unlock them for free.

There are two types of Unlock all tool for warzone:

  • Soft Unlock
  • Hard Unlock

When you use a soft unlock tool for the warzone, it doesn’t permanently unlock camos and skins. They are just temporarily unlocked. So the cheater needs to run the cheat every time to use the camos in-game.

Hard Unlock is a permanently unlock tool in the warzone, which is terrible because it unlocks all camos for free, and cheaters have been using it for a long time, and they are even giving other streamers, and players free unlocks.

Warzone Bot lobby Tool

warzone bot lobby hack

Bot Lobby tool will help you create so many bot lobbies in a warzone so that you can get so many wins and kills. This means that you can upgrade your weapons and levels quickly.

This cheat is not good because it is not fair for other people. Because they have to grind so many levels and get so many wins in the warzone to get camos and high-level attachments in the warzone.

How to Spot a Cheater in Warzone?

Spotting a cheater in a warzone is not an easy task, as so many cheaters in-game are trying to hide their cheats while playing the game, which means that they turn off their cheat in-game.

Also, some cheaters use a few cheats like esp or always uav tool, so catching these cheaters is hard. If you want to catch them quickly, you need to keep spectating them the entire game.

Spectating them the entire game will help you get to know their movements because sometimes it’s a good player and not a cheater, so you need to check carefully before reporting the person.

You should also need to know how these cheats work and what type of cheats there are in the warzone to detect a cheater and report him instantly. I will suggest you read the working of all the cheats given above.

Streamers hacking in warzone?

Many streamers are getting banned in the warzone because they were caught cheating while streaming or banned in general. This is a severe issue as these streamers are getting popular by hacking in the game.

You can also see a streamer live and see if they are hacking the warzone and get them banned by collecting proof or evidence and sending it to Activision. They will take serious action against the streamer and get him banned.

I will suggest everyone read all the points above carefully and then report to the streamer. Because the streamer is good at warzone, but some of them are hackers.

How does warzone cheats works in general?

All the cheats are created by programmers and people who have experience in video games. These programmers create a tool or so-called hack.

This hack manipulates the game memory (game offsets) and changes them to something else, and manipulates the game code, which gives the cheater so many possibilities to hack in-game, e.g., the cheater manipulates the offsets of UAV and set it to no cooldown, which makes it always uav something like that.

There are many other features that cheaters can use in warzone by targeting the bones id’s of the players and sticking their aim on it by manipulating the memory. That’s how they can hack into video games.

how warzone cheat works

Warzone Anticheat

That’s where warzone anticheat kicks in. If the cheater is trying to manipulate in-game memory, the anti-cheat starts doing its job by banning the cheater. But in the case of the warzone, the anti-cheat is not very strong, so cheaters can easily bypass it.

Bypassing the anticheat gives them so many possibilities of hacking in-game because once there is no anti-cheat in action, the cheater can do whatever they want.

Warzone new anticheat is coming soon, so there will be a new map and many new features and bug fixes in the warzone, which will keep the cheaters away for a while.

How to get a cheater banned in Warzone?

get cheater banned in warzone

Cheaters are running the warzone so bad, if you want to help the developers catch the cheaters and get them banned as soon as possible, all you have to do is report a cheater in the game.

Suppose you want the cheater to get banned quickly. Post a tweet on Twitter with the cheaters player id and a screenshot of the report. The Activision team will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Written by
Owen Singh

Owen Singh is a Tech, esports writer for Future Gaming that specializes in CSGO, Warzone, Apex, and Many other FPS Games esports scenes. He is also specialised in MMORPG and other similar genres.


  • Just watched a streamer on YouTube tonight playing Rebirth. He had the blue rectangles with stick figures that showed all players. His team got killed and got 2nd place. I was soooo glad they didn’t get a win. Please stop the cheaters.

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