Humankind Beginners Guide – Top 8 Beginner Tips before you start

Humankind is a new Turn based Strategy (TBS) game, which is just released this month on 17th August, People are Downloading and trying Humankind, and enjoying it a lot. Which is developed by Amplitude Studios, and Published by Sega.

Humankind is a Multiplayer TBS Strategic game that was released for the Devices such as – Windows, Mac OS and Google Stadia.

TBS is basically Turn based Strategy games, where players get their turn when in the game playing, these mostly comes with War games and are more like a strategic based War game.

So if you are Playing Humankind, it can be tough for you if you are playing 4X Strategy based games the first time. Follow this Beginner guide for Humankind that will really help you to get a basic understanding of the game and some eight tips for you as a bonus.

Humankind Beginners Guide – How to Start

Before moving on to the Tips and Tricks for the Humankind game, let’s first get some basic information about the game, how to start, what are the basic requirements that you should have to get into the game.

Profile – Before going to the main game, here you will first need to make your Profile character. This avatar will represent you in the game, so make sure you make your best character look into the game.

Avatar – After the character, you can make your avatar that the other empires will see when you interact with them. So go with new looks with age, hair cuts, Beards and costume colour.

AI Persona – You can make your character based on their powers, ranks and ability to do work. Here you can select the archetypes, Strengths and Bias to make your character unique

New Game – After setting up the Profile and Avatar look, you can start with the new game, by selecting the match name, then Selecting the number of competitors you want to be in the game.

Selecting World – Now you have to select your Map by the number of players that can fit into the map, here you can set several parameters of the world for the match.

World NameSize of the worldNo of Players (Recommned)
Tiny60*35 Hexagons2 Players
Small85*50 Hexagons4 Players
Normal95*55 Hexagons 6 Players
Large130*75 Hexagons 8 Players
Huge150*88 Hexagons 10 Players

After Selecting the world, you can start your match, but if you want to make more changes to the settings, it is up to you. Now moving forward to the beginner’s tips to be following for a better game.

Tip 1 : Understanding AI Difficulties

Before moving out to the main inside the game tips, here you should first know about the AI difficulties. You can select the overall game difficulty by selecting the Difficulty option on the left side of the game.

The Difficulties level goes from Hamlet, which is the lowest in this category means, it is the easiest of all, to Humankind, which is the hardest and consist at the top in the difficulties level.

Also, you will see many AI Profiles, where each competitor is of a different colour. Which also shows the Character profile as – Normal, Advanced and Expert.

By clicking on the profiles, you will see the user profile and the bonuses which will come with that AI Persona. So make sure you choose your best so that you know what level is your character is as well as your Competitor.

Tip 2 : Map Navigation

Coming to the Map Navigation in this game, you can use Keys on the keyboard to navigate it. Which are – W(forward) A(left) S(Down) D(Right Side). which is quite slow and time-wasting.

To fix this, you can use the left click of your mouse, by holding it and dragging. or you can simply press the Middle Mouse button (scroll wheel) and move it around. Doing this will really help you in the beginning and save your time.

Tip 3 : Early Resources

When you start the game, you will see different types of luxury resources to collect, which will not be beneficial. Instead of that, you can progress from neolithic to Ancient as soon as possible.

By doing this, you will be easily able to trade any resources, that you already discovered or need. So stop looking for luxury resources at the very beginning of the game.

Tip 4 : Choosing your Culture

After you move forward in the game, You will have to choose your Culture in the game. For example if you are moving forward with the Classical Era, you will see side by side numbers of Cultures that you need to select.

Now, if you do not know what culture you should select, Click on the more details there, and read the information about that culture. Like how the culture play style really is.

Before you select the Culture, have a look at the Affinity details (check image) which will show you what actually you will earn fame by progressing into it and what types of stars you will get it only depends upon the Culture you choose.

Tip 5 : Population in Ancient Era

After you select the Culture and moved up from the Neolithic to the Ancient era, here is the time to make an army and go into the war. The term which is used to describe the team is scout.

Choosing and creating your army totally depends upon your culture. making the army quick is not beneficial here, it can reduce your population which will affect your growth in that culture.

So Having a good army will really affect the Culture that you chose. Make your army effective before going to the war.

Tip 6 : Auto Explore Scouts

Now, After making your army, you need some tips for the army to go well and gives you better results. So building the army in the earliest stage of the game will be explained now.

The best feature available for the scouts is Auto explorer. This option will allow the army to go random in every corner and explore the map.

By enabling this feature, the army will go itself by randomly cutting any fog of war, discovering resources, finding other cultures as well as interacting with the events on the map.

This will also help in finding gold, which is really important in this game. Mostly required for making buildings, paying for armies, also boosts the armies to go into the war by using 1 gold only without using other useful resources.

Tip 7 : Ideology System

Ideology is one of the massive feature in Humankind, divided into four collective choices between – Collectivism & Individualism, Homeland & World, Liberty & Authority and the last Tradion & Progress.

You can also see in the image there are sectors divided from left to right, shows a sqare node. If you go any side you will be focus on that bonus, it can be left or to the right side.

The center region on all of the four rows, will give you +10 Stability which helps maitaining the peace in your city. So this gives you many ways by going left or right to roleplay ypour civilization as it grows through the eras.

Tip 3 : War Support

The Last tip we have here is the War support. You can visit the war support from the Diplomacy screen there or if you are playing a milistrastic culture.

As you will start fighting each other, you will gain the war support. by winning battles, occupying cities and destroying the armies. and you will lose the War support, if you fail doing these tasks. If both runs out of War Support, it forces a surrender and will move you into the War resolution

If you have higher War Support score in total (as total of 170 in image) then more cities you can grab, and you can get more of you opponent holdings by maximising the war support before going to the force surrender.

So keep an eye to the War support so that you stay away from the spontaneoius war that you had not planned for by doing a peace negotiations.

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