How to Level Up Fast in Icarus (Icarus XP Farm Guide) 2021

ICARUS is the new PvE survival game for up to eight people that may be played in a co-op or solo session. Face and vanquish a merciless PvE world intent on wearing you down or tearing you apart.

In order to level up fast in Icarus, you need to get more and more XPs in the game. If you are new to this game, you may get confused about gaining XP in-game and get level up fast.

There are several ways to get XP’s in Icarus, but hard to follow. Here we are sharing with you some very quick and basic tips for XP farming in Icarus that you can follow to get more XP.

What is XP Farming in Icarus?

XP Farm is an essential part of Icarus, where everything you do gets collected and counted as XP (Experience). like roaming freely in an open world, collecting resources, killing animals, and getting their skins.

Doing more tasks in the game will give you more experience, which will help you to increase your level quickly. Also, Players get rewarded with in-game points or items if unlocked more levels by getting more XP.

How to Get More XP in Icarus

To Get More XP, you can do several things in the game, which are –

  • Gathering
  • Crafting
  • Hunting
  • Talents
  • Mining

Items Gathering

The best and simplest way to get XP in Icarus is the Item Gathering Process. Just start gathering everything you see while moving or running.

The Gathering process starts with basic items like wood. Craft a pickaxe and start chopping down the trees in order to get the woods.

Now, the Woods will be needed in Crafting, when you collect the woods. Craft items like wooden beams etc with the woods.

Crafting Items

After the Gathering Process of wood or other resources, the next part comes the crafting. Crafting is the main process of converting items or resources into material.

If you skip the crafting process in the game, you will get stuck as you will not get enough bandages to heal or arrows to shoot animals in order to hunt and kill animals.


After you Gather the resources with a pickaxe and craft the final tool, you can always start the hunting process to get more XP’s.

So, Start Hunting the animals by killing them, you will get lots of free XPs for killing the animals in Icarus.

There are some other animals that you can kill in order to get double XP than a regular animal, which is discussed in quick ways at the end of the post.

Talent Points

Talents or Talent Points are the terms used in Icarus, where you can gain talent points, just by leveling up in the game. So, if you are leveling up you can get the total benefits of Talents in the game.

Some of the Talents that will help you increase your level faster are –

  • Speed Chopper -> Increases axe swing speed by 10%
  • Speedy Mining -> Increases pickaxe swing speed by 10%
  • Chase ‘Em Down -> Increases your maximum stamina by 10%
  • Marathon Runner -> Increases your maximum stamina by 10%


Now, Another method for free XP is mining. Doing Mining or extraction helps you to get the experience but a little slower than other methods.

But, the main advantage of Mining is that you can leave the mining process and needs zero attention. So, the slow process here gives you lots of XP in Icarus.

You can start Mining Process by taking a Stone Pickaxe, with some rock areas that you can start mining with. Start Hitting the Rocks with Pickaxe to start the Mining Process.


The Other very common way to get XP is to protect yourself. It is very simple to follow, you just need to survive and get yourself away from wild animals like – Wolves and Bears.

The Wolves and Bears can easily catch you even if you try to hide in bushes or trees. But there is a way to survive there also, which is the Fences.

Start Making the Fences, like big enough to fit you, and jump into that when the animals attack you. Then you can get defense with the fence and alternatively fight back standing inside the fence barrier.

Other Quick ways to Level Up Fast in Icarus?


The First Quick and Fastest way to get more XP is Lumberjacking. This method is very effective to boost your level in Icarus to up to around 50% to 70% more by gaining more XP as compared to other methods.

  • Start by Picking a Stone Axe
  • Go to Area with Lots of Trees, and start Chopping the first Tree
  • Now Immediately go to other trees to chop, while the other starts falling down
  • This way regenerate your stamina while collecting the plants

If you only focus on falling trees and don’t split the logs that fall, you’ll get XP much faster than if you pause to gather the rewards.

Making Bandages (credits: u/Soomakee)

You will receive 400 XP for each bandage you manufacture. In other words, if you construct 70 bandages, you’ll receive 28,000 XP in less than 2 minutes of merely harvesting fiber.

Also, You will receive more fiber back if you destroy the bandages you manufacture, so just repeat the process for additional XP.

Kill Wolves and Bears

Killing Wolves and Bears gives the most of the XP as compared to the other animal hunting. That is why this is added here in the fastest way to get more XP.

Killing and Skinning the Wolves or Bears will give you a direct 2.8k XP which is great for just hunting the Wolves and Bears.

These were the Methods by which you can get more XP in Icarus and level up fast. Make sure you grind into Icarus more in order to learn the basics of the game, so that you can get more experience.

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