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How to Increase Maximum MP in Stranger of Paradise (Guide)

The most important part of the Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, is the characters MP in the game. MP is a type of energy bar present in the game, which is used in performing skills during the game.

Each stage is started with 2 MP bars of each character. And almost every skill uses 1 or 2 MP bars. When you attack the enemies, you regain MP, but only up to 2 bars. It may feel very limited during the game. But due to the developer’s grace, you have 2 ways to increase your MP bars length. Let’s talk about that.

How to Increase Maximum MP in Stranger of Paradise

There are two ways to extend your MP bars.

  1. By performing Soul Burst
  2. By parrying the attacks
How to increase your maximum MP in strangers of paradise easily
Image from Gamepur

1. By Soul Burst Method

When you are fighting an enemy, and the Break Gauge of the enemy (i.e., the yellow-colored bar, below his health bar) becomes zero, the enemy’s character goes into a stunned state. At this moment, you have the chance to soul burst the enemy.

When you select the soul burst, an animated finisher gets activated and this extends the MP bar’s length. In this manner, you can get maximum MP.

2. By Parrying the Attacks

Parrying the attacks is a very interesting way to increase your MP, but this takes a lot of perfection of timing and gameplay. Any attack which is not named, or has orange or purple color can be parried. While parrying any attack you should remember not to take any damage while performing this.

You have to complete an attack, which you started to parry, without taking any damage. If you took damage in any stage of the attack like if you perform a two-step attack if you took damage in 2nd step, you will lose your MP bonus. And if you lose your Break Gauge completely, you will also lose your all MP.


Both of these methods are able to let you increase your MP level. But at the same time, the player needs to be very calm and expert in performing actions in the game. Timing and focus are two important things to make any enemy weak. And that’s why to do some practice and increase your MP.

This increased MP will help you during the Boss fight and this way, you can easily take a chance with any enemy in the game.

Sayonara! Have a good gaming day and share your vibes with us.

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