How to Increase Student Grades in Two Point Campus & get A+

Confused about how to increase the grades of your students at Two Point Campus? Well, this article has got you covered. This article here will tell you all how you can increase the students’ grades on your campus. You know some and you may find some new ones as well.

Two Point Campus is the trending game in the simulation genre of games, created by Two Point Studios who also created another simulation hit Two Point Hospital. The Campus edition of their simulation game gives you the opportunity to manage a University and grow it into a big one.

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Image Credit : Two Point Studios

An important thing to manage in this game is the grades of the students studying at your University. Here are the ways by which you can boost those marks of your students:

Creating Happiness in Campus

The happiness in Two Point Campus is affected by many factors and eventually sums up to students meeting their needs. If the students are happy they will work hard and get good grades likely on the other hand if they are unhappy they might fail or even drop out.

Upgrading Teacher Skills and Training Them

Teachers who teach their students pass on the knowledge they have, so having teachers with at least one level of training in the subject they are teaching is the right way to go. Colleges with training rooms can enhance the knowledge of teachers even more. You should also be on the lookout for teachers who are looking for work in the “Hire” menu. You might hire a genius luckily.

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Image Credit : Two Point Studios

Using Libraries Effectively

Having a well-stocked library with good furniture and bookcases to match the subjects being taught at the University is always a good step. Students like to regularly go to the campus libraries between sessions. Having a good library assistant with good library management skills and who is constantly available is also a must.

Private Tuition Can Come in Handy

You have the option to build Private Tuition rooms on campus. Building and staffing them with additional teachers allows your students to perform even better and improve their grades. Here also training plays a big role, you can check the grades of students individually and even force some students to go to tuition when it’s next available.

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Image Credit : Two Point Studios

Classroom and lecture hall resources and upgrades

Lecture Halls, Specialised Classrooms, Libraries and Tuition rooms. These all impact the grades, so make sure they are stocked up with any items and furniture than can aid the learning of the students like having a lectern in the lecture hall and giant library reception. These items and upgrades are expensive but considering they are permanent makes them worthy.

Besides all these factors you need to know that to achieve good grades you need to balance all these factors. The more students you have the more they will require and meeting their requirements will allow them to score good grades and improve your Campus.

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