How to Install Mods in Spider-Man Remastered PC (Guide)

After the long wait, the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC has left players in awe. Stunning graphics, ray-traced reflections, improved gameplay, and many more features are now available to PC gamers.

With the launch on PC, one of the main things that gamers anticipate is the addition of mods to the game.

A user called jedijosh920 has already released the modding tool on NexusMods, which can be accessed by this link.

With the use of the Spider-Man Remastered PC Modding Tool, you can extract and swap out any asset from the game’s asset files. Having a simple mod file system where users can develop, distribute, and install their mods is the basis for both producing and installing mods.

Installation Procedure

Before you being, it is recommended to make a copy of the “asset_archive” folder found in the game files, just in case things go south.

  • Download the mod software from the above-provided link.
  • Extract all of the tool files to any location.
  • Launch the SMPCTool application. Select the “asset_archives” folder inside your game directory by using “File” -> “Select Asset Archives Folder” in the tool.
  • If you are using the application for the first time, a warning should appear requesting you to convert your asset archives.
  • To enable modding for the game, you must follow this step. Use “Tools” -> “Convert Asset Archives” to convert asset archives. This process can take up several minutes.
  • You may now search through all the asset archives, extract any game asset you desire, and replace it.
  • There are some assets that are still unnamed and must first be hashed in the “AssetHashes.txt” folder before they can be identified.

Extracting / Replacing Assets

  • Right-click on an asset in the files and extract the contents.
  • Whether it is a model, texture, or any other file, when you extract an asset, it will be a decompressed game file. These assets can then be modified by other tools or software.
  • After that, you replace or reimport the asset after making changes.

When making or installing mods, these are the essential files that you need. Choose “Install Mod” in the tool and then search for the .smpcmod file you want to use. Once you have your mod selected, click “INSTALL MOD” to install it. After your mod has been installed, fire up your game and play around with it.

For a detailed video with instructions, check out this video from Games & Graphics on YouTube.

That concludes our guide that should’ve helped you install mods in Spider-Man Remastered. Drop a comment if you were able to “play as Norman Osborn”. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about more game guides.

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