How to Install Windows 10 & 11 on Steam Deck (Guide) 2022

Steam Deck is a newly launched handheld personal computer developed by Valve and AMD. This handheld device looks similar to Nintendo Switch but the main difference is that Steam Deck functions as a small PC.

You will be able to play all the games in your Steam library on the Steam Deck. Steam Deck is perfect for casual gamers who like to travel a lot since the device can fit inside a pocket.

Since Steam Deck is essentially a handheld mini PC you will be able to install different operating systems like Linux, Windows 10, and 11 on it.

A Steam Deck with a Windows OS will allow you to play games that are not available in the Steam store. Read this article to learn how to install Windows OS on Steam Deck without any hassle.

The features of Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck has a 7-inch touch screen similar to Nintendo Switch. The device has all the grips and thumbsticks of a traditional controller. It also has a trackpad which you can use to play PC games on Steam.

Gamers buy handheld gaming devices like Steam Deck because of their portability. Steam Deck is portable and has a battery life of 8 hours. The most impressive hardware inside the Steam Deck is its APU designed in partnership with AMD.

Valve APU.

The benefit of installing Windows 10 on Steam Deck is that you can play and run games that are not available in the Steam Library. You will be able to play games on Epic Store and Xbox Game Pass.

Creating a Windows OS installation USB drive.

You will need to install the Windows OS on the Steam Deck via a USB drive. You will need a Type-C USB drive or Type-C USB hub. Follow the instructions given below to prepare your USB drive. Your USB drive needs to have more than 8GB of storage space.

  • Click on this link
  • Select the OS you want to install on your Steam Deck.
  • Click on download tool now.
  • Click on the Media Creation Tool.exe in your downloads folder.
  • Accept the license terms and agreements.
  • Select the next option and go through the screens.
  • Click on Next after selecting your USB flash drive.
  • The Windows OS will be automatically downloaded to your USB drive.

How to install Windows OS on Steam Deck using a USB drive.

After you have prepared your USB drive insert it inside the USB port in the Steam Deck and follow the instructions given below.

  1. Hold down the “Volume UP” button, “Power” button and the “Quick Menu Access” button to turn on Steam Deck’s boot menu.
  2. Use the movement pad to select your USB flash drive and press the “A” button.
  3. After this you will encounter the usual Windows installation process. Complete the installation process. You can use the Steam Deck’s touchpad and the “R2” button to interface with the device.
  4. After the installation the desktop will be set in the default “Potrait” mode. To change this go to “Display Properties” and select the “Landscape” mode.

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