Jenny Mod Minecraft: How to Install and Use (Guide) 2022

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Before we start any discussion on this article, we would like to warn you that Jenny Mod Minecraft is an Adult mod and if you’re not one, this article might not be the place for you.

Jenny Minecraft Mod is a mod that provides you with a ‘Virtual Girlfriend’ in Minecraft. Once you have followed all the steps down below to download and install the mod, you can simply start a creative world in Minecraft and find Jenny in a house with a pointy roof in or around the biome that you spawn in. You can give gifts to Jenny like Gold, Emeralds or even Diamonds.

She also has some very unique power that makes her the best (and probably the only) girlfriend you can get in Minecraft. She can teleport in a similar fashion as Enderman under the right circumstances. Jenny possesses a decent healing ability and she can regain her strength pretty fast after an attack. Let’s talk about how to download and Install Jenny on Minecraft.

How to Download and Install Jenny Mod Minecraft

Jenny Mod Minecraft
Jenny Mod Minecraft

Downloading and Installing Jenny is a fairly easy process. Follow these easy steps in the said order to get your own Virtual Girlfriend in Minecraft.

  1. First of all, before getting into the Jenny Mod Minecraft, go ahead and download the latest version of Curseforge. You can download it for Windows and macOS with the Linux version coming soon.
  2. After that, go ahead and download the latest version of Jenny mod Minecraft. Make sure you download the latest version. If this version expires, go to the official Twitter of Schnu, who is the developer of the mod.
  3. Once everything is downloaded, open the Curseforge app on your PC. You will see Minecraft in the app, Launch it and go to Dashboard.
  4. Head over to My Modpacks and Load Jenny Mod files.
  5. Users will need to make a new custom profile to use this mod. You can do this from the top-right section and give it a name of your choice. Create the new profile using version 1.12.2 for Minecraft and Forge.
  6. Open the new profile, go to the mod folder and drag the Jenny mod files into it. Once this is done, Jenny Mod Minecraft should be under the installed mods in Curseforge.
  7. And you’re done. Go ahead and launch Minecraft with the new profile that you just created in a creative world and you can find Jenny in her house with a pointy roof near your spawn.

That’s all for Jenny Mod Minecraft. We hope you enjoy playing the game with your Virtual Girlfriend.

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Jenny’s naked in minecraft

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