Jojo All-Star Battle R Dio Complete Guide (Tips & Tricks)

JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure is one of the most popular anime series to be ever released, the original story is created by Hirohiko Araki and the game JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: All-Star Battle R brings his creations from the 2D storytelling environment to the 3D gaming world.

All-Star Battle R is a fighting game in which the players have to choose from a roster of characters that appear in the fictional series created by Araki. Despite the protagonist of the story being Jonathan Joestar (for the first few arcs and hence the name JoJo), the fans have always loved the antagonist of the story Dio Brando.

This guide will tell you exactly how to Dio works in the fighting game and how you can use him to dominate other players just like he does in the series.

How to use Dio in All-Star Battle R?

Dio is a character that works extremely well against the wall, his strong normal attacks make it easier to pressure the opponent into pushing him toward the wall and once he’s there Dio shines like a sun if in hands of a skilled player.

Dio is the 3rd incarnation of the character in the JoJo series. He is equipped with his powerful stand The World in All-Star Battle R. Dio is much more powerful when his stand is active compared to his user mode (non-stand mode) but a player must master both modes if he wants to be good.

A player has to truly master Dio to dominate with him in the game because with Dio it’s high skill high reward. Every mistake committed by Dio is a big deal because Dio has one of the lowest Health in the game and can replenish it only by draining the blood of his opponents.

This move is a grab move, in addition to this Dio requires the meter to perform some of his best moves and a dropped combo is very punishing. Duo’s S-on (Stand on/active) combos are devastating for the opponents so the players must master a few S-off combo openings and then transition into S-on combos to deliver the killing blow.

Dio guide JoJo

Pros and Cons of Dio

He has Huge damage with the right setup and solid mixups with S-on.He has low health scaling and can easily get hit.
Deadly against the wall and can also heal himself.Not very strong with S-off
Can break combos with the meter.His combos can be hard for many players to remember.
Dio moveset jojo
Jojo All Attack Sheet by: Jojo All Star Fandom Wiki

Who to assist with Dio?

Dio can use the Counter assists characters who create an opening for him to start combos. As counter assists, characters also know the enemy away which would be beneficial for Dio as he thrives in wall situations.


To say Dio is bad will be incorrect, we can say that Dio is a great character with a huge drawback or a punishing game style where you get punished heavily for your mistakes. If you master this character he can push out some unseen damage but the skill-cap is high. If a player can truly master it and they can use the power of the world to dominate the other stages.

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