Jojo All-Star Battle R Jolyne Complete Guide (Tips & Tricks)

JoJo All-Star battle R is out on other platforms other than PlayStation 3 after more than 5 years and JoJo fans all over the world are loving its release. Though the game is quite old the latest release comes with a few updates and tweaks to match the modern game standards.

The game is a fighting game in which players fight against each other using characters from JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure franchise created by Hirohiko Araki. There is one character in the game apart from the JoJo franchise who is a character from previous work by Araki.

Jolyne Cujo is the first female protagonist of the series and she plays the main lead in JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Stone Ocean. This guide will tell all the pros and cons of Jolyne as a playable fighter in the game and whether she is good or not.

How to use Jolyne Cujo in JoJo All-Star Battle R?

Jolyne Cujo is an excellent fighter at close range and can be very strong in mid-range fights as well. She struggles a bit at long range but luckily her stand allows her to control where she’s going in mid-air and keep the enemies at bay when at long range.

Jolyne requires a bit of skill for proper utilisation of her kit at the long-range all thanks to her Stand’s reach and her user mode ability String Barrier. When the stand is active and in the air the player has full control over where to land given he’s paying attention and is quick on to draw with With My String.

Jolyne doesn’t have a ton of damage with her as a character instead while playing her the player has to rely on a solid mixup and vortex game. This means that the player has to knock someone and get over them and continue pounding them until wake up. Once someone gets caught in a vortex it is very hard to escape from it.

Jolyne guide JoJo

Pros and Cons of Jolyne

She has an incredible vortex okizeme game and arguably the best movement in the game, but requires some practice to get used to.She delivers Low damage for players who don’t play the Vortex game and she needs tight links to push out some amazing damage.
She has blockstrings which make it very difficult for the opponents to keep up.She lacks an invincible irreversible in her User mode, so players need to have a solid wakeup blocking.
Jolyne guide moveset 1
Jojo All Attack Sheet by: Jojo All Star Fandom Wiki

Who to Assist Jolyne with?

Some people prefer Trap/Tricky assists to set up complicated combos while others prefer counter assists to create openings for return assaults. The answer to this question is very much preferential which differs from player to player.

Any avoid assisting characters to harm Jolyne, characters like Dio who knock away the targets are not beneficial for her as she likes to have the opponent up close to pound them to a pulp.


Jolyne is a great character, you can quickly ramp up damage if you play the Vortex game and her supers also deal a good amount of damage. She can do quite good work at mid-range as well and has great movement capabilities, the only thing she lacks is full-screen abilities or long-range abilities which makes the skill required to play her a bit higher but that can be achieved with practice.

You can absolutely play her and dominate if you become good with her because hitting mid-range and quickly going low makes it very hard for the opponents to judge how to block her. For the more latest news, guides, tips and tricks related to games and technology subscribe to our newsletter.

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