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Far Cry 6 DLC: All 10 Joseph Seed Chibi Locations

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Far Cry 6’s last downloadable content (DLC) was released in Far Cry season pass on 8th February of this year. This DLC brings back the villain Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn. You get to be inside the mind of the aviator wearing cult-leader and follow his redemption arc in Far Cry 6 DLC Joseph: Collapse.

In the Far Cry 6 DLC Joseph: Collapse, there are collectible items called Chibis. Chibis are basically mini-dolls of Joseph with an oversized head. These chibis can be found scattered all over the map of Far Cry 6. To learn the location of all ten chibis in the game, continue reading this article.

Location of All 10 Joseph Seed Chibis in Far Cry 6

Chibi near Hope County Jail.

To the east of the map in the DLC, there is the main road leading to the eastern border of the map. On one of the intersections, there is a Hope County Jail. The chibi is located on the lettering of the jail’s plaque. To be more specific, above the letter “J.”

Chibi map
Chibi’s Location.

Chibi near southern dock.

To the extreme south of the map, the main part of the land body is separated by a river. This chibi is located on a boat tied to a river dock. The boat is located to the left of the small hut on the dock.

chibi map 2
Chibi’s Location.
chibi 2

Chibi on the windmill near to Hope County Jail.

If you follow the road to the west of the Hope County Jail, you will come across a small windmill. The chibi is located on the railing of a small tower to the right of the windmill.

chibi map 3
Chibi’s Location.
chibi 3

Chibi on the windmill near to the southern dock.

If you go west of the road leading to the southern dock, you will come across a three-way road intersection. Take the road leading south in the intersection and then head west. You will come across a small windmill. The chibi is located on the railing bar of the windmill.

chibi map 4
Chibi’s Location.
chibi 4

Chibi near the hanging dead body.

To the southwest of the map, there are two green lock symbols. Go to the first symbol and locate a big black crate. In front of the crate will be a dead body hanging from a wooden structure. The chibi is on the right of the wooden structure.

chibi map 5
Chibi’s Location.
chibi 5

Chibi on the gate.

In the center of the map is a large orange compound with roads leading in all directions. To the southwest of the green fields surrounding the orange compound is a white gate. The gate has a white banner, and itself is white in color. The chibi is located on top of the left pillar of the gate.

chibi map 6
Chibi’s Location.
chibi 6

Chibi near to the extreme north of the map.

To the extreme north of the map is an outpost with a green symbol. The road leading to that place has a common wooden lampost. The chibi is located on top of the wooden lamp post.

chibi map 7
Chibi’s Location.
chibi 7

Chibi near Hilltop Safe house.

The Hilltop Safe House is located in the central part of the map. There will be a construction site near the safe house with big orange machinery. The machinery will be surrounded by logs of wood. The chibi will be located on top of a high bar with a small hook under it.

chibi map 8
Chibi’s Location.
chibi 8

Chibi inside a grain silo.

This chibi is located inside a dilapidated structure resembling a grain silo. This structure is located to the north of the hanging dead body mentioned before in this article.

chibi map 9
Chibi’s Location.
chibi 9

Locate the first memory link, which is located to the extreme north of the map. Locate the statue of the reindeer. The chibi is located on the top of the wooden pole near the stone statue.

chibi map 10
Chibi’s Location.
chibi 10

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