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Julian Guide Mobile Legends – Build, Combo & Tips (2022)

If you’ve acquired the new Hero, Julian, in Mobile Legends, here’s a Julian Guide to help you with everything you need.

Mobile Legends finally had the update a couple of days ago where they released Julian. The update also had other changes like revamped Irithel. Julian could be acquired for free if you took part in the entire 515 event that went on for a long time.

Julian is a unique hero that doesn’t have any similarity with any other hero when it comes to his skills. This is because, technically, he doesn’t have an ultimate. Moonton has introduced a brand new playstyle with this hero and he’ll definitely be the new Meta. So, you should probably play out the hero before he is instantly banned in every ranked game.

In this guide, we will take you through Julian’s skills simplified, his best combo, build, and tips. We have a lot to cover and you can use the content table above to jump straight to the part you’d like. With that out of the way, let’s get right into it.

Julian Guide – Skills and Combo

We’ll first give you a simplified version of Julian’s skills and how the character works in general. This part is really important because, as mentioned before, he is a unique character. Julian doesn’t have an ultimate skill and here’s a simplified version of all of his skills:

  • The first active skill lets you send out a Scythe that damages the enemy in its way and slows them by 30% for 1 second. The scythe disappears after hitting a non-minion target.
  • The second skill is a dash. Julian summons a flying sword that helps him dash in the respective direction while dealing damage to enemies that he hits while dashing.
  • The third skill is like a spell that summons chains in the target location. After a short delay, the chains deal damage and immobilize the enemy for 1.2 seconds.
  • Julian’s passive is probably the closest thing to his ultimate. Basically, every time he casts 2 of his skills, the third skill will be enhanced in some way. This opens the door to a ton of combinations with these skills. Julian also gets a 25% magic lifesteal every time his skills hit an enemy which is stackable up to 3 times.

Reading the skill set, you can already tell how Julian is different from every other character. Apart from having no ultimate, Julian also doesn’t have a visible Cooldown like every other character. More on this in the tips section below in this Julian Guide.

Any of the two skills can be used to enhance the third skill for Julian. So, this Julian guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the combinations. You can use various combinations to enhance the first, second, or third skill. This gives Julian an insane amount of variety and depth.

Julian Guide – Builds

When it comes to a build for a character in Mobile Legends, there are roughly three criteria. In this Julian Guide, we will tell you about the best Spell, Emblem, and equipment to use on the character.

Best Spell

The best spell for Julian at the moment is considered to be Flicker. He is a close-range combat character and it can be difficult to get out sometimes since his dash isn’t that long either. Secondly, you can also use Execute for an aggressive playstyle. Julian’s damage is already big early game and you can pick out a lot of kills with that.

Personally, talking about spells in this Julian Guide, I’d like to say that the character might be a good jungler as well. He is very mobile and he can roam around farming jungle while sneaking in kills every now and then.

Best Emblem

The best emblem set for Julian is definitely the Mage Emblem and it doesn’t have any competition. Julian heavily relies on magic damage even though there is a hint of Physical damage with his Passive.

As for the main skill, you have a choice between Magic Worship or Mystery Shop. The first one can be good for the entire game while the latter can be used if you’re confident in your early game.

Best Builds

Mobile Legends gives you the ability to pre-save 3 different builds so we’re going to highlight three playstyles in this Julian Guide when it comes to builds.

  • Tank/Support

Because of the amount of Magic Lifesteal that Julian can get from his Passive, he can be a reliable Tanky Support if your team has enough DPS. Plus, Julian will still deal a lot of damage while being tanky. Here’s the best tanky build for the character.

Julian Guide – Best Builds
  • Sustained DPS

Julian is a Mage/Fighter by default. So, he is an extremely good pick for an EXP laner currently. Most of the characters that go to EXP lane would want to build a sustained DPS character. So, here’s a build to deal a lot of damage while surviving in battle for awhile.

Julian Guide – Best Builds
  • Main Damage Dealer

Since Julian can produce an insane amount of damage both early and late game, he is a great main DPS. This way, you can also try Jungler Julian as I mentioned before. Since Julian doesn’t need that much Spell Vamp in his build because of his passive, here’s the best Julian DPS build.

Julian Guide – Best Builds

Julian Guide – Tips and Tricks

Finally, here are some of the tips for the brand new character in Mobile Legends.

  • First of all, as we mentioned before, Julian’s CD works differently than any other character. When you use a skill, there is a 7-second timer when you can use another skill. If you use another skill during this time, your third skill is enhanced for another 7 seconds.
  • Once you use an enhanced skill, all of your skills will undergo a 7-second cooldown after which, they will all be available again. So, Julian’s CD works in a unique way and you can use his skills very often.
  • The best-enhanced skill I found was the third one, which is the chains. But, the dash can provide a decent enhanced skill as well. You almost always want to try to use these two skills as enhanced.
  • As mentioned before, Julian has a really good early game and his passive lifesteal can help you a lot. So, you should always try to steal enemy purple, and orange buffs, in the early game.

That is all for this Julian guide, hope it was helpful.

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