Kahoot Cheats: How to Use, Can you Cheat? 2022 Guide

Kahoot is a learning platform, which has turned the learning process into a game. The students can feel the excitement of playing a game while testing their learned skills. The Kahoot is a platform, where teachers can create quizzes for their students.

The platform has allowed many teachers to assess the progress of their students, at a time when the pandemic has blocked the way out. This is a tech product developed for both, a mobile application and a website.

How to use Kahoot?

Kahoot is a tech product, available on phones as mobile applications and on the web as a website. The teachers can use it to create and host the quizzes for their students. This is also helpful for students, who can’t give the physical test to their teachers, but their teachers can easily assess their study progress.

To create the quizzes, teachers or hosts can go to, and choose the question type, that they wanna give in the test. The questions can have 2 or 4 choices, and you can also set the time limit for answering each question. As you complete the creation process, Kahoot will give you a game pin.

Source: Kahoot

Every student or player needs the game pin. This game pin allows you to join the game. The game needs a player to answer the questions. As per your answers, you will get the marks and maybe some rewards.

Can You Cheat in Kahoot?

Kahoot is an online quiz game, that clarifies that this is a tech product. If you know a little about the tech products, then you know that it is impossible to make any tech breach free. There are always some ways to cheat in any tech.

Similar to Kahoot, the game is also not breach-free. There are some loopholes and techniques, which help hack the game. Whether sometimes it may be tricky for some people to figure out.

It’s possible to cheat in Kahoot, with some websites, extensions, and other ways. It is more difficult to cheat the quiz with a phone application.

How to Cheat Quiz in Kahoot?

There are various methods on the internet, which claim that they are helpful to cheat in Kahoot. But not every path takes you to the final destination. Below we have mentioned some methods, which may be helpful for you. Most of the methods work only on Chrome or some browsers.

Cheat Kahoot with Some Websites

It is more convenient to get on the chrome and attend the quiz. And it is also convenient to just go for some websites and then the website will hack the game for you online. There are various websites out there and we have sorted some of the websites which may help you.

Cheat WebsitesUsage
Kahootspam.comThis website allows you to add bots to your Kahoot game. You just have to enter the quiz. And after that enter the number of bots you want. And enter the prefix of your bots.
Kahoot-win.herokuapp.comThis website does nothing to the quiz. This website just announces you as a winner at the end, even if you are not too good at the game. is one of the most versatile cheat websites. This can make you win the game in various ways. It can allow you to add fake players (bots), announcing you as the winner, or in other ways, it can help you.

Cheat Kahoot with Chrom Extension

Kahoot is a web app that is also usable on browsers. Students can access Kahoot with web browsers too. Then, if you use the chrome browser, it is for you. We have found a chrome extension, which is available on Chrome’s Extension Store.

Kahoot Flooder: Kahoot flooder is a chrome extension that allows you to add a lot of bots in a Kahoot quiz or you can spoof your win at the end. This is the one available and downloadable extension out there according to our research.

Several Different Methods

There are some different kinds of methods to get through the quiz easily. But it depends on your luck and skills.

By Opening Two tabs

In this method, you can try to open the two different tabs together of the same game quiz. Where you can use the official account in one tab and another you can play only to get answers to the questions.

Using different Browser and VPN

The above-described method is OK. But this method may give you a disappointment, because Kahoot is getting better, and the same browser may cause the same IP issue. To prevent that, you can use two different browsers together and one with a VPN. VPN will differ your IP address in a VPN and it can make Kahoot a fool.

You can also use two different devices for this purpose. This is the better idea.

Using Google

This is one of the easiest methods to get marks easily. But this needs your luck to be great. Because if you lack some time to answer the question, then it will depend on your internet speed and typing speed.


In conclusion, I can say that there may be some way to hack Kahoot, but there is no such need to do that as this product of tech is created for educational purposes. And if you do your studies very well, you can easily get this test completed.

And even if you want to use the cheats, these cheats are not so easy, and not every cheat work very well. And sharing your details with a third-party app is also not a safe idea. So be careful with this too.

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