How To Play Kelly Maxwell (Guide) – Evil Dead: The Game

Kelly Maxwell is known to be a ruthless and merciless character in the Evil Dead franchise. In Evil Dead: The Game which was released on May 13, 2022, Kelly’s agility and application of the bleed status effect on the enemy make her special (more on this later).

Evil Dead is an asymmetrical 4v1 game where you cooperate with three other teammates as survivors to defeat the Demon player, who is solo but has a lot of backup from NPC deadites.

The characters in the hunter category are the ranged characters in the game. As such, their melee stance isn’t usually the best. But, Kelly defies all of these things because she has a dedicated melee weapon in her kit. This guide will tell you all her abilities and how to play Kelly Maxwell efficiently in Evil Dead: The Game.

Kelly Maxwell Abilities

how to play kelly maxwell
Kelly Maxwell Abilities

Being a hunter, Kelly’s ability to control the melee weapons is amazing, and it shows in her stats. Here are all of Kelly’s stats in-game.

StatsKelly’s Stat Value
Melee Weapons2/5
Ranged Weapons5/5
Team Assistance2/5
Kelly Maxwell’s Stats

As a hunter dedicated to aggressively fighting in the game, all of her abilities are based on herself. Using these abilities, she can dodge, use her own melee weapon, and apply the bleed status effect on the enemies. The first step to learning how to play Kelly Maxwell is to learn her abilities which are as follows.

Active Ability

When the player uses this skill, Kelly can dodge all the attacks coming toward her for a short period of time without using any stamina. Also, all of your range attacks give the enemy a bleeding effect which causes them to slowly lose health with time.

Passive Abilities

Kelly Maxwell has the following set of passive abilities:

  • Weapon Mastery: Meat Hammer – With this ability, the Meat Hammer has a faster attack speed and deals extra health, balance bar, and dismemberment damage to enemies when equipped by Kelly.
  • Countershot – If you successfully dodge an enemy attack, your next ranged attack will give them a bleed status effect for a short duration.
  • Battle Frenzy – Kelly gains more melee damage the longer she stays in sustained battle.

With this amazing set of abilities, Kelly is perfect for the players who like the aggressive playstyle.

How to play Kelly Maxwell

Now that you know her abilities, let’s take a look at how to play Kelly Maxwell in the game in order to make sure your team wins. Here are some of the tips that can help you while playing this character:

  • She is really good at avoiding hits so the first thing you need to learn when thinking of how to play Kelly Maxwell, is to dodge successfully. As mentioned before, dodging is also really important for one of her skills.
  • Assuming your team is well-balanced, you will be one of the main damage dealers in the team. And since Kelly is so agile, the tanks will usually prefer protecting the squishy characters with less mobility. So, if you’re playing this character, it is good to learn how to survive in battle by yourself.
  • Even though she has her own melee weapon, there are some other weapons that can be better than the Meat Hammer. The game has no visual to tell you this so you need to learn this by yourself while playing the game.

That is all on how to play Kelly Maxwell in Evil Dead: The Game. Hope this article was helpful.

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