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Kena: Bridge of Spirits – All Rusu Mountain Collectibles (Hats, Rot, Spirit Meditation, Flower Shrines)

If you are looking for a way to find all the collectables hidden in Rusu Mountain, don’t worry. We are offering you an easy guide you can use to know where to find Rusu Mountain Collectibles.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a single-player action-adventure game developed by Ember labs. The game has been widely supported because of its unique design and graphics quality. The storyline of the game is perfect if you want to experience something new.

We have tried to find every collectable in Rusu Mountian. If we find something new, we will add it to the article. Make sure to bookmark it and check regularly.

Hats Location

We were able to find five hats in Rusu Mountain. Read the info below to know the location of the hats.

Whirly Bird Hat: You will be able to find this after you have successfully mastered the archery (Bow) ability. After that, you will see an area with some archery challenges. You will see a brown tree, head towards the tree and climb the stairs. There you can find the Whirly Bird Hat.

Flower Hat: The flower Hat can be found behind the house of Rusu, You will see an OWL statue down the path, head towards it, and you will find your Flower hat.

Bird’s Nest Hat: You might have come across a broken bridge in the game. All you have to do is head in the right direction. After a few steps, you will be able to see a chest in the corner. Complete the objectives and open the chest.

Rusu’s Mask Hat: Complete the archery trials and unlock the bow ability in the game. This will grant you the Rusu Mask Hat.

Spirit Mail Location

We were able to find the location of only One Spirit Mail in Rusu Mountain.

When you are trying to reach Rusu’s house, In between, you will see Cliff’s face. Keep on going in the left direction until you reach a cave to find your Spirit Mail.

Meditation Spot Location

We found only 1 Meditation Spit in Rusu Mountain.

Go to the back of the Rusu’s House. You will see a small broken bridge. Near that bridge, you can see a flower placed on a tree. You can shoot the lower using your bow.

Rot Location

We were able to find only 8 Rot in the game. I am sure there are more. You will be able to find rots after you have crossed Taro’s Tree. We will add more and update the article accordingly.

  1. You might have come across a dear statue in the game, It comes after Forest Tear. All you have to do is head towards right until you see a wooden arch. Jump down a step to the rock below you, there is your rot.
  2. You will get 3 Rots after completing the rusu’s coruption house.
  3. As you head in the Rusu’s House you will see a drawer. Just get to the opposite side of that wall the drawer is situated you will get your rot.
  4. Along the path of george warp stone head to left until you see glowing lanterns. There is a stone nearby under that stone you can find your rot.
  5. While doing archery challenges in the game, You will see a blue pot on a tree shoot it and you got your rot.
  6. When you are at the Rusu’s House head to the back and enter the small tunnel, inside the tunnel you will find a rot.

Flower Shrines Location

We found the location of 3 flower shrines in Rusu’s mountain.

  1. Near the archery trials there is a trial where you must complete it before the timer runs out. At the start of that path you will see a flower shrine.
  2. You might have encounter a combat situation You will find one of the Taro’s memories. After contuning down use the forst tear to clear the cirruption and the flower shrine is on the left path.
  3. Behined Rusu’s house there is a small tunnel we talked about earler. Head in the tunnel, Clear the corruption using the forest tear. There you will find your flower Shrine.
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