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The King of Fighters XV Beginners Guide | Tips & Tricks

King of Fighters XV Beginners Guide

The 2D arcade fighting game, The King of Fighters, was released back in 1994 just got a new installment in its franchise. The King of Fighters XV is similar to games like Mortal Kombat or Tekken. The game has a different roster of characters with different gameplay mechanics. Players who are entirely new to this series can follow this guide to learn the basics.

Basic Offensive Moves in KOF XV

The King of Fighters XV has four basic offensive moves which can be combined to create combo moves. The basic attack moves are Light punch, Heavy punch, and heavy kick. If the player combines two heavy attacks, they execute a blowback attack.

Similar to other games of this genre, light attacks are swifter than heavy attacks. One exception to this rule is that if your character is close enough to your enemy, your heavy attack will be swifter than a light attack.

You can perform all four basic moves while standing or jumping. One move you cannot perform is the crouching blow-back attack.

Basic Defense Moves in KOF XV

You have to hold the block button to block incoming attacks. Blocking while standing will block mid-level and air level attacks except for the crouch level attack. Blocking while crouching will block mid-level and crouch-level attacks except for air attacks.

The Meter mechanic of KOF XV

The King of Fighters XV has a super meter. There are a total of five meters. Your first character will only have three meters. Your second character will have four meters. Your third character will have access to all meters. These super meters fill up when you successfully attack your enemy.

A fully charged super meter will allow you to execute special moves of a particular character. If used with perfect timing, these special moves can be enough to win a round of the match.

The power meter In King of Fighter XV.

Max Mode in KOF XV

If you have built up your super meter enough, it shows “Maximum OK” above it. This will let you enter Max mode by pressing Heavy Punch and Light Kick at the same time.

There are two kinds of Max modes. Blue and Red. The blue one is the normal one and will let you deal heavy damage to your enemies. The red Max mode can be triggered while executing a combo. The red Max mode will automatically push you close to the enemy so you can batter them with Light Punches and Light Kicks. The red Max mode meter is shorter than the blue one.

Max mode in KOF XV
A player entering Max mode in KOF XV.


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