Last To Leave Roblox Games Wiki: Everything You Need To Know

Last To Leave Roblox

Roblox has an array of games that you can play live with other active users and Last to Leave is one of those multiplayer games, that is extremely fun and interactive. In this game, you’ll be competing against a huge crowd of people, where everyone will be fighting to stay inside a circle as it gets smaller and smaller.

You’ll need to run, pillow fight, throw bombs, or whatever you can, to be the last one to survive. Basically an online Royal Rumble but you are allowed to do ANYTHING!!!

last to leave: How to play?

Last to leave is easy to play but challenging to win. You’ll be spawned on a platform inside a ring. The objective of this online multiplayer game is to remain standing in the circle till the end. All the players can purchase an event in the game. The event can spawn anything be it acid rain, lava, laser or even raining tacos!!

You’ll have to endure through the game and be the LAST TO LEAVE to be the winner. You can purchase these events using Tokens or Robux. Robux is the in-game currency of Roblox. Or you can subscribe to Roblox to receive a certain amount of Robux monthly depending on your subscription.

Using the Robux or Tokens you can buy an event from a list of 66 currently available events and more are being added by Roblox. You will earn Tokens for surviving rounds too.

You can also leave the circle but you’ll keep losing HP as long as you are outside the circle. Once your HP is drained completely you’ll be eliminated. But you can also buy healing potions as well as respawn.
Think about what you can buy to eliminate other users and kick off chaos in the circle.

Last to leave: features

Now that you have a slight idea of what happens in the game, let’s take a look at what can happen in the game.
You’ll have 5 seconds before a new event starts. Prepare to be eliminated or to become the Last to leave.

last to leave roblox image
last to leave image via Boomerang studios

Random events

You can expect anything, literally anything in the game. Missiles, lava, laser, acid rain, huge fans throwing you off, bombs, etc.

Png 2 1
last to leave the game image

New events will keep adding to the game. You can also suggest a feature that you want.


A large number of fun and exciting avatars are available in the shop for you to buy, including Spiderman, Pokemon, Naruto, Doge, etc.

roblox avatars image
Roblox Naruto avatar
roblox avatars image
Roblox pirate king Luffy avatar
roblox avatars image
Roblox spiderman avatar

Free Tokens

You can get tokens for free, using Codes that you can redeem and get your rewards.

It is an extremely entertaining game to play along with your friends, or even with random players. Try not to get caught in the chaos and win through a challenging series of random events. Although winning is really difficult, as you can get eliminated anytime, trying to survive through the exciting challenges is extremely fun.

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