Lend Lease: Complete Escape from Tarkov Guide (2022)

Lend Lease is a two-part questline in Escape from Tarkov that provides a lot of XP, dollars, and reputation for some dealers. The quests are labeled as Lend Lease Part 1 and Lend Lease Part 2 in-game but they are basically completely different quests that you get at different points in the game.

To clarify that, you basically get Lend Lease part 1 after you reach Level 25 or above and you get it from the dealer named Skier. While for Lend Lease part 2, you need to be at level 30 or above and it’s given by the dealer Peacekeeper. Even though they’re different quests, this guide will provide you with a one-place stop for both of them.

Lend Lease Part 1

If you’re here, I’m assuming you’ve already taken the quest from Skier but are having a really difficult time finding the required items. For this quest, players need to find 3 Motor Controllers and 2 Single-axis Fiber optic Gyroscopes from two different raids and hand them back to Skier. Before we start with the guide, the most important thing to highlight is that once you’ve acquired the items in the raid, make sure you hand them over to Skier as soon as possible because if you die with them, you’ll have to redo the entire raid.

Lend Lease part 1 has some pre-requisites to it. Apart from the requirement to be Level 25 or above, players are required to have the Health Resort West Wing 216 Key. and either one of the East Wing Room 306 key or East Wing Room 308 key. The guides provided can be used to find the items.


Once you’ve fulfilled all the above-mentioned requirements, head over to the Woods raid. The locations for both the items that need extraction in this raid are marked on the map below.

Woods Map – Screenshot from Piranha

First of all, head over to the checkpoint (The left purple square). This is where you will find the first Motor Controller. When you’re at the checkpoint, you will see the car that spawns the Violet Keycard. Go ahead and open the car, you’ll find the Controller sitting comfortably in the middle of the driver’s and passenger’s seat.

Once this is done, to complete the first raid of this Lend Lease quest, head over to the Lumbermill (the right purple square). Once you’re there, you will see 3 different cars. The car we’re looking for is a Cyan-colored Pickup Truck. The first Gyroscope will be in a huge box at the back of this truck. After you’ve collected both the items, finish the raid and extract the items. Make sure you hand them over to Skier first.


Once you’re done with that, you’ll head over to the second raid, which is on the Shoreline map. Here, you’ll find the other two Motor controllers and the last Optic Gyroscope to finish off this quest. The map for this one is provided below with the marks for locations you need to visit.

Shoreline Map – Screenshot from Piranha

First of all, and probably the hardest one on this map, head over to the purple box in the East to find your second Motor Controller. Near the Signal tower which is hard to miss, you will spot a trailer. Head to the trailer and you will need to follow the direction in which the left backlight of the trailer is pointing. Keep running straight in this direction and after crossing about 2 hills, you will see a box with the Controller inside it.

Once you’ve finished this, you’re done with the hard part. Now, head over to the East Wing of Health Resort. Enter from the main entrance and you’ll find the stairs on the left side. Go up to the very top floor and on your left, you will see rooms 308 and 306. This is where you require the keys mentioned before. Open any of the rooms with the key that you have and you will find the third Motor Controller in the balcony beside the Generator. If you’ve opened Room 308, you will need to vault over the generator to find it on the other side.

After you’ve acquired all the Controllers, for the final item in this Lend Lease quest, go to the West Wing of the Resort and head to the stairs on the right side from the main entrance. Go up to the first floor and find room 216. Open this room with the key you have and on the immediate left, you will see the Gyroscope inside a closet-looking thing.

Once you’ve gotten these, extract the items and hand them over to Skier to finish this part of Lend Lease quest.

Lend Lease Part 2

The second part of this quest is provided to you by Peacekeeper once you’ve reached level 30. For this one, you need to hand over two Virtex programmable processors and one Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitter to Peacekeeper to get a very generous set of rewards, all things considered. But, there is a catch. These items can spawn in a few random locations on both Lab and Reserve.

One thing to note, is that these items need to be found in raid and will not be accepted if acquired in any other way.

Once you’re in the quest, there is no proper location for these items to spawn. They’re set to spawn completely randomly across The Lab and Reserve and players will need to search the areas thoroughly to find them. Here, we’ll discuss a few most common spots for these items to spawn.

The Lab

Before we talk about the locations, a useful tip for all the players going through lab is to keep a lookout for black panels. These are usually the places where the required items spawn in this Lend Lease quest part 2.

For the first location, from the reception, head up the stairs and to the first room on the left. Go straight and head through the door right in front of the door you just entered from. You do need a violent keycard for this one. Once you’re in, on the left side you’ll see an area with a metal bar kind of door. Enter the area and there’s a location for the items spawning there.

Locaion 1 – Screenshot from Piranha

Next, head out from the server room and straight down the stairs in front of it. Go towards your left and after the gym, there will be a door for the meeting room. In front of that door, there will be a black panel that we mentioned above, check for your items there.

After this, for the third spot of this Lend Lease quest, keep heading towards the left side of this panel, basically, in the direction you were heading before. Enter the main office and keep going straight and a little bit of right until you see a turned-on Laptop. The table that the laptop is on is a pretty common spot for these items too.

Next, keep heading straight and you will see three robot arms inside glass panels. You can enter inside the middle panel and on the immediate left, there is a spawn location on the pedestal.

As you go out of the glass panel room, turn 90 degrees right and keep running straight until you see the entrance to the dome. On the left side of the entrance, behind a giant white pipe, there are a few containers. The items can stop on top of these as well. After this, enter the dome and straight on the right side, there is a desk that also spawns the items.

Item Location – Screenshot from PIranha

Once you’re done checking the Lab thoroughly, head out and follow along the road towards the right. Enter the red building on your left side and go to the top floor. Check all the rooms on this floor as they are a very common spawn for these items.

That will do for all the most common spawn locations for these items. Now, there is a chance you might not find the items in these locations so keep checking The Lab and Reserve thoroughly. Hope this Lend Lease guide was helpful.

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