How to Use Light block in Minecraft (Bedrock/Java) 2022

Light is one of the most important utilities in Minecraft especially when you are building up to something, exploring new places, or mining. Most of the places like hidden caves, or underground places are very dark, and you need proper lighting to see resources.

Lights help you build, see resources and also keep the dangerous mobs from spawning. So lighting up is indeed an essential part and sometimes getting proper illumination can be a big task. This guide will help you with all the information on how you can get the light block and its associated uses.

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How to get light block: Minecraft bedrock

This Minecraft Bedrock in 1.13.0 update includes a new light block addition for its players. So instead of using a lot of lightbulbs, torches, or candles, this light block will ease this difficulty. It is designed to illuminate big areas and the best part is that it will become invisible once you hover off it. The reason why these blocks are also referred to as Invisible light blocks. They exist but can’t be touched.

Light blocks cannot be found in the Creative Menu, neither be mined nor targeted. So, the question is how can one obtain or use the Light Block in this new version?

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You will have to type the following command to obtain the light block.

/give light block [amount: int] [data; int (0-15)] [components:json]
in bedrock edition

/give minecraft:light{BlockStateTag: {level:""}}
in java edition

Typing the following command will give you the Light Block. The above statements constitute a command which has to be enabled in the game. Note: Enabling it will disable achievements on the World.

The intensity of the light block varies from 0 to 15 with 0 being the minimum intensity and 15 the maximum light. You will have to write down the same command with different data values each time you want a light block of different intensities.

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Light blocks then can be used at any place like a regular block is used. You cannot remove the light block by breaking an adjacent block. Then can be broken when they are replaced with another block.

Now you know how to get this invisible light block and its uses, so try on this incredible addition to the game. Meanwhile, check out other Minecraft guides to explore more fun about it.

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