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Lords of the Fallen: Textures Not Loading Fix SOLVED (2023)

Lords of the Fallen is a brand-new dark fantasy action-RPG that opens up a huge new world. As a legendary Dark Crusader, you must go on an epic quest to get rid of Adyr, the demon god. This game is just released on 13 October, with two worlds connected together and has already gained many players who like these soul like games.

Talking about the performance of this game, this game is going crazy, but still there are some problems in the game, which need to be adressed by the developers of the game. The game is going through many bugs and glitches, bad performance as well.

In this article, we will going to discuss about the textures not loading in Lords of the fallen which will help you to fix this error as soon as possible. So make sure you check each and every steps in this article and follow it to fix the textures glitch.

How to Fix Textures not Loading in Lords of the Fallen PC?

Simply follow these below steps provided to fix this issue, however the fixes are not been given from the developer side, these are the common fixes which works every time which will help you to fix the issues related to games textures and graphics problems.

1 ) Update Graphics Driver

The most latest graphics card drivers are generally available on the official website. Install your new driver by following the installation wizard’s instructions, and be sure to check any auto-update options to guarantee your driver is always up to current.

  • Go to AMD’s Official Drivers Website or Nvidia Download latest driver
  • Install the most recent GPU driver version.
  • Restart your computer.

2 ) Lower Screen Resolution or Disable full screen optimizations

Higher resolutions need your graphics card to render a greater number of pixels, which significantly reduces your FPS. Try to play games at the same resolution as your display.

If you’re still having difficulties keeping adequate FPS, you could want to reduce the resolution of your screen. Almost every game’s video settings menu has this option.

  • Go to the game settings, and make sure you low all the settings related to graphics, and see if the problem fixes or not
    You can try disabling full screen optimization of the game by doing –
  • Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click on the game’s shortcut or.exe file.
  • Select the Compatibility tab. Disable full-screen optimizations should be checked.

3 ) Update the game

If an update is available for a game in your library, it should be highlighted in light blue. You may also click on the game from your library list, and if it has a new update, it will indicate “Update” instead of “Play.”

You may also use the Download Manager at the bottom, where Steam will normally queue new updates automatically. When you right-click on the games library tab, go to Manage > Properties > Updates for more detailed updates.

4 ) Disable write caching from Windows

Simply deactivate Windows write caching on the disc where the game is installed. In my view, it is advisable to have the game on a separate SSD/HDD from the OS disk.

  • Go to “Device Manager”
  • Select the drive where the game is installed under “Disk drives” and click Properties.
  • Navigate to the “Policies” tab.
  • Remove the box that says “Enable write caching on the device”
  • Check to see whether the game now functions better.

5 ) Switch Game Installation Drive

Many Players noticed that switching game installation fixed the game textures issue, If you have game installed on HDD, try installing the game on SSD, and try again. Same goes for SSD, many players reported that the game runs properly on HDD, so try this as well.

These are all the possible fixes we have got so far, if you think you have got any fix which is not here, make sure you to share with other players by commenting on this post.

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