Lords of the Fallen Vigor Farm in Fen for 70k Per Hour (Easy Method)

Veteran Souls players know the importance of farming levels and currency in these brutal action RPGs. In Lords of the Fallen, players need to acquire Vigor to level up their character and power through the tough battles. Luckily, there’s an excellent early-game Vigor farming spot in the Fen area that can net 70k Vigor per hour.

Overview of the Fen Vigor Farm

The Fen area becomes available once you reach the Anchor boss. This dreary swamp contains vulnerable zombie-like enemies and houses that are ripe for clearing out.

With an efficient route, you can farm about 1k Vigor per minute here. That works out to 70k Vigor per hour if you maintain peak efficiency. Your actual results will vary based on factors like:

  • Build and character level
  • Player skill
  • Enemy resistances
  • Cleave and AoE capabilities

I’ll explain the optimal farming route below. First, let’s go over some tips to maximize your Vigor gains.

Tips for Efficient Vigor Farming

  • Use the Lantern’s soul fire to automatically collect any Vigor drops you missed.
  • Equip gear that improves item discovery to get more Rune drops.
  • Use Withering weapons or consumables to increase Rune drop rate.
  • Sell spare gear and runes between runs for extra Vigor.
  • Take it slow if you’re struggling – don’t risk losing your Vigor!

Step-by-Step Fen Vigor Farming Route

1. Enter Via the Shortcut

Be sure you’ve unlocked the shortcut door near the Vestige statue. This lets you access the village quickly.

2. Clear the Village

Kill the warrior on the perch, aggroing others up to you. Use AoE attacks to quickly clear groups.

3. Cross the Bridge

Head to the dock and defeat the two warriors and dog. Pull them together to cleave them down.

4. Enter the Umbral

Go underwater and kill the Moth Lady mini-boss for big souls and loot.

5. Repeat and Sell Loot

Restart at the shortcut and repeat. Sell spare gear and runes between runs.

My Experience Vigor Farming in Fen

On my Cleric build, I was able to farm about 80k Vigor per hour in Fen. My mace let me easily stun and clear groups quickly. I’d use the Lantern’s soul fire to collect any drops from range kills.

The Moth Lady gave me trouble at first, but I learned her attack patterns. My Lightning Spear spell let me safely poke her from range. Killing her always gave me useful loot to sell back in town.

Early on, I had to take it slowly and pull enemies individually. But once I got some more Endurance and Willpower, I could gather and AoE down bigger groups. Power leveling here was key to beating some brutal late-game bosses!


The Fen area is an excellent place to farm lots of quick and easy Vigor in Lords of the Fallen. Just be cautious, learn enemy patterns, and don’t get greedy! With an efficient farming route, you can rack up tons of levels and Vigor here early in the game.

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Owen Singh

Owen Singh is a Tech, esports writer for Future Gaming that specializes in CSGO, Warzone, Apex, and Many other FPS Games esports scenes. He is also specialised in MMORPG and other similar genres.

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