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Lost Ark: All Lastra Forest Mokoko Seeds Locations (Guide)

All Lastra Forest Mokoko Seeds Lost Ark1

The wait for the western release of Lost Ark is over as the game is released to its US and Europe Server on 11th February 2022. Lost Ark is a fantasy MMORPG that was released in South Korea in 2019. The game has both PvE and PvP elements and various builds that you can create with different playstyles.

Being a game focused on different builds you know that the most important things for every player will be the loot and rewards found in-game. Today we are looking at one of the items found in-game called the Mokoko seeds.

Lastra Forest 11zon

What are Mukoko Seeds?

Mukoko seeds are in-game collectible items that the players can trade to get amazing rewards. There are more than 1200 Mukoko seeds spread across the world of Lost Ark. The seeds can easily be traded to the NPC called Totoma in exchange for some great rewards. You will get rewards for every 50 seeds you give to Totoma so be sure to pick them up whenever you can!

Locations of all Mukoko Seeds in Lastra Forest

In this guide, we will guide you through one of the areas in Lost Ark called the Lastra Forest. You will find a total of 7 seeds in this region of the game. Since the number of seeds in the game is so large some are visible easily however, this is not the case for every seed as some are hidden quite well. So here is the list and location of every Mukoko Seed found in the Lastra Forest.

  • Seed 1 – The first seed of the area is found at your left when you enter an area lit with to torches you will find the seed right next to a statue figure.
seed 1
  • Seed 2 – There are quite a few seeds once you enter a huge door in the reagion with the second seed being located next to some tombs towards the right as soon as you enter the said gate.
  • Seed 3 – Cross the bridge towards the left of where you found the second seed and take a sort of u-turn towards an open area where you will find the third seed.
  • Seed 4 – Proceed further down from where you found the third seed to cross another bridge and you’ll get the fourth seed located near some more tombstones.
  • Seed 5 – The fifth seed is located right opposite the red chest which is just below the location where you found the fifth Mukoko seed.
seed 5
  • Seed 6 – The sixth seed is located in a region in front of the desk youll find in the forest. Proceed near the door ahead of the desk to find your second last seed of the location.
  • Seed 7 – The final seed of this region is located near the light beam tower that you can activate. Your should notice the beam of light hitting the tower, the final seed is located below the beam and is very neatly hidden.

There you go, if you followed this guide step by step you should have all the 7 Mukoko seeds that are present in the region Lastra Forest.

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