How to complete Lost Ark Fragrance And Fish Quest

Lost Ark is what everyone around the world is playing right now. This massively multiplayer online game developed by Smilegate RPG has one of the biggest player bases. In the fantasy world of Artesia, you can fight dangerous demon hordes in deep dungeons.

Aside from the grim dungeons, there are beautiful islands where you can socialize with other players. One such island is Panda Island which is inhabited by cute pandas. To learn how to complete the “Fragrance and Fish” quest in Panda Island, follow this guide.

Complete guide to “Fragrance and Fish” quest in Lost Ark.

How to locate the Panda Island in Lost Ark.

The Panda Island can be found between two land bodies in the sea. The land bodies are Anikka nation to the right and Arthetine nation to the left. You have to sail to this island and make landfall on the island’s east side.

Panda Island
Panda Island location on the world map.

“Fragrance and Fish” Quest

The “Fragrance and Fish” quest will start as you arrive on Panda Island. The quest has three objectives which task you to find three hidden locations on the island. The clues to these locations will be written on the stone tablet on the island. Read the tablet to start the quest.

Fragrance and Fish.
Fragrance and Fish quest.

The three Hidden Locations

The first clue to the hidden location is “the place behind the stone lantern.” The stone lantern can be found on the eastern side of the island. Near this location, an arrow will indicate the general area of the hidden mokoko seed.

The place behind the lantern
Location of mokoko seeds behind the lantern.

The second clue to the hidden location is “the place that crosses the cliff.” This location is at the bottom of the island on a separate smaller island. You have to cross a dilapidated bridge to get to the location. You can find the mokoko seeds there.

Place near the cliff
Mokoko seeds near the cliff.

The third clue to the hidden location is on the main island. A group of pandas will be guarding a hidden alcove. Follow the path leading from the alcove to collect the mokoko seeds.

Alcove behind pandas.
Mokoko seeds in the alcove behind the pandas.

“Fish and Fragrance” Quest rewards.

Completing this quest on Panda Island will give you lots of valuable rewards. These rewards are listed below.

  • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest.
  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest.
  • Splendid Shard Chest
  • Roster Experience Points.
  • Wisdom
  • Silver.

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