Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer Guide

Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer Guide

The hottest massive multiplayer online game Lost Ark is soon going to be released worldwide. This action game is enchanting gamers all over the world and players are maxing out their character levels.

The exciting aspect of Lost Ark is that it is highly replayable. So if you want to play again with another class you won’t have to grind through all of the same levels to reach your current character level. There is an easier way to level up your new character. To learn how to “Knowledge Transfer” in Lost Ark follow this guide.

What is Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark?

To level up a new character all you have to do is purchase the Knowledge Transfer with 600 gold in the game. This will auto-train your new character to your old character’s level. This auto-training period will take about eight hours in real-time.

Knowledge Transfer
Knowledge Transfer Menu.

How to get Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark?

To be able to use the Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark you will first need to complete a few objectives. These objectives are listed below.

  1. The main storyline must be finished with a previous character.
  2. This previous character must be maxed out.
  3. Gain access to the training zone in Island Stronghold you complete it’s quest.
Island Stronghold
Island Stronghold.

After you have trained your new character you will receive all the experience points and items from the main quest storyline.

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