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FPS Fix Low End Devices, Smartphones (FPS Boost): Tips and Tricks

Various low end devices does not provide huge specification to their users to run high-end games with high fps. But there are some methods through which you can get the best out of your device.

In this guide we talk about seven different steps through which you can boost your device performance and fix low fps, stuttering, less ram, lag on various games like PUBG, Free Fire, Apex mobile and more.

Step 1: Create Virtual Ram

swap apk virtual ram

Virtual memory’s main advantages include removing the need for applications to manage a shared memory space and providing additional storage space for volatile operations such as keeping apps ready in the background.

So you need not worry of keeping your game in background and thinking it will stop or forced to close. Virtual Ram will keep that app running for you, and it also helps you run apps that require huge memory.

Step 1.1: Steps to create Virtual Ram

  • Note that increasing virtual ram will take up your storage space.
  • Download the app by clicking on this link.
  • Now open settings and look to how much storage space you have left.
  • Open Swap App.
  • In the Swap Size, enter the value of your storage space left × 1024 divided by 4.
  • For example if you have 10 Gb of storage space left then your swap size will be (10×1024)/4 is equal to 2560 MB.
  • If you have large storage space, you can change 4 to a lower number like 2.

Step 2: Remove Unnecessary Applications

uninstall app android

Removing unnecessary applications from your android device can help you get more FPS in games because this will help you free up memory (RAM) on your devices.

The system will give more memory to your games, which will help you gain more FPS and reduce minor lags you are getting.

Step 2.1: Remove bloatware

Bloatware is pre-installed unnecessary applications that the manufacturer has installed. Those bloatware takes so much space on your android device and runs 24/7, which causes so much drain of battery and memory resources.

  1. Go to Setttings > Apps.
  2. Now Select the apps you want to uninstall.
  3. You have succesfully uninstalled bad apps from your device.

I know some applications are unable to uninstall from your device. It’s because those apps are installed on a system level. You can either disable them, or you need root access on your android device to do that.

If you are not familiar with rooting, I suggest you not go with it as it would be tough for you to do so. If something goes wrong with the process, your device can get brick.

Step 3: Try Using Lite Apps

use lite android apps

Many applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, and Twitter are installed on people’s phones, which causes heavy battery drainage and takes up a lot of RAM.

So many of the app providers make a lite version of the application for low-end devices. I will suggest you download those applications instead of the regular ones.

Step 4: Use Game Booster for Free Fire MAX

free game booster

Believe it or not, the Game booster is one of the best apps to ever exist for gamers, and the Game booster helps you get more FPS in games by closing all the applications running in the background.

Game Booster Close all of the applications that are raking RAM, Internet, and GPU memory and give maximum boost to your games. That’s why I suggest you use a game booster on your old devices.

Step 5: Minimize the use animations on your android device

minimise or remove android animations

Minimizing the animations on your android device can help you make your android device faster. You can enable these settings under developer options. Visit about phone > Tap Build Number 7 times, and other you go, you have finally unlocked developer options now select animations off or scale them to the minimum value.

Step 6: Free or Clean-up Your Internal Memory

Cleaning up your internal memory can help you gain more fps in video games because the more space your device has, the better your games will run. If you are not sure how you can free up your internal memory, then read the points below to free your internal memory.

Step 6.1: Clear Cache of all your apps

clear data of apps

Clearing Cache can help you free up and a lot of space in your android device. Many of you might have noticed while you are browsing settings in your phone, you can see an app like Instagram or Facebook are caching data up to 1GB or more.

Apps Like FB and Instagram use this method to boot up their applications faster when opened the next time and save your current settings and information.

Clearing these can help you to free a lot of space on your android device. This will make your device 10x faster, and you will have a smoother experience.

Step 6.2: Delete your photos and downloads

Deleting your old photos and download files can help you up a lot of space on your android device. Many people do not want to delete their pictures if you use Google Photos to store your images permanently on Cloud for free.

Step 7: Factory reset your android device (Optional)

If you are too lazy to clean all your devices manually, the best way to make your android device faster is to factory reset your device.

Doing this will clean any unnecessary problems, applications, and other stuff causing your device to run slow. If you do all this, you will get a faster device, and free fire max will run without lags.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Find Factory reset option.
  • Click factory reset all and enter your password.
  • This will clean all of your device data.
  • Enjoy your faster and better device.
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Yuvraj Pratap Singh

Yuvraj is a writer, metal head, and an RPG Lover. He covers articles on various gaming genres and technical topics for FutureGamingio. Most of the time you will find him browsing through new steam releases, what's new in the tech industry and watching anime.

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