Madden NFL 23 Lag Fix, Low-PC, FPS Boost, Stuttering & More

Madden NFL 23 is here and it will bring the classic National Football League action to your controllers very soon. The game is set to release on 19 August 2022. This time the cover star for the game is the big man John Madden Himself after whom the game is named. Featuring him as the cover star is EA’s way of honouring his death in December 2021.

The game comes with a new FieldSENSE™ System as said by EA. The new system will provide players with more control at every position The all-new FieldSENSE Gameplay System in Madden NFL 23 equips players with more control at every position in every mode and will be a new foundation for consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay.

This article will be giving you some tips on how you can fix the Lag issues you may encounter while playing Madden NFL 23 so that your journey through the season does not stop.

NFL23 Lagfix1

What You Can Do

Here are some tips on what you can do to fix lag:

  1. Change In-game Settings
  2. Update your Graphics Drivers
  3. Turn off Unnecessary background processes
  4. Use the older version Of DirectX
  5. Lowering Screen Resolution
NFL23 Lagfix

Change In-game Settings

When facing lag the first thing you can do is check your in-game settings you can change some things here and there to fix lag issues. You can try reducing graphics, try reducing the resolution, try lowering the desired frame rate and try turning off anti-aliasing.

Update your Graphics Drivers

The update for graphics drivers optimises the graphics cards for newer games, so updating your graphics cards solves your lag problems most of the time. You can check and update your graphics card on the official website of your graphics card provider.

Turn off Unnecessary Background Processes

Turning off unnecessary background processes does the job for many users. These processes consume memory by staying in the background and don’t allow the game to consume the memory it needs which causes it to lag or drop frames.

NFL23 Lagfix2

Use the Older Version Of DirectX

Using an older version of DirectX which the game supports may solve the lag issues you may be facing. By default, the game uses DirectX 12 which is available on many PCs right now. You can force the game to use an older version – DirectX 11 which is supported by the game. Changing the DirectX version has worked for many players in previous instalments of the NFL series.

Lowering Screen Resolution

Playing games with more resolution than your monitor may lead the game to appear laggy. You can change your display resolution by going to the Windows settings to fix this problem. Reducing your display resolution will automatically align your content with the resolution of your display and the game won’t appear to be stuttering it lagging anymore.

These were some tips on how you can Fix lag and optimise your game to enjoy that NFL season. For more news, guides, tips and tricks related to games and tech follow FutureGaming.

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