ROBLOX: How to Make Money in Onikami Guide (Best Way)

Roblox is a massive online game platform. Roblox can be used by creators from around the world to create their own games. These games can be played by other gamers on the server.

One such popular game on Roblox is called Onikami. This game is based on the anime called Demon Slayer. Follow this guide to learn how to make money in Onikami.

How to make money in Onikami.

Collect and Sell Trinkets.

Small trinkets are spread around the Onikami map. These trinkets spawn at specific locations and sparkle. Collect as many trinkets as you want to and get to the village with the selling spot. Sell your trinkets to earn money.

NPC buying trinkets
NPC buying trinkets.

Complete Quests.

The simplest way to earn money is by completing quests. Quests are received by talking to NPC’s at various locations around the map. Some NPC’s offer better rewards than others. The NPC’s in the city and town offer good rewards. These quests are generally “fetch and deliver” quests.

Quest NPC
NPC giving quests.

Killing Demons.

Kill as many demons as you can. Killing the demons themselves won’t give you any money. Talk to an NPC wearing a black suit and mask in a village. This NPC will offer you money for the demons you have killed.

Demon NPC
NPC offering rewards for killing demons.


You can catch and sell fish to earn money. You can catch fish at the pier located on the beach. You will have to buy a fishing pole to catch fish.

Fishing activity.

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