Pokemon Legends Arceus: Manipulate & Reset Mass Outbreaks

pokemon legends arceus might make shiny pokemon harder to catch than ever

In this guide, we will tell how you can easily Manipulate & Reset Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Legends Arceus and also get the shiny hunt. Follow the steps mentioned to do the required tasks.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a fresh new game in the Pokemon franchise, but that did not stop a few players from experimenting and finding ways to complete the Shiny Hunt with ease. If you’re confused as to what all this is, don’t worry we’ve got your back.

The Shiny Hunt

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Shiny Pokémon are extremely rare iterations of Pokémon that spawn in the world. If you’re not going out of your way to collect these Shiny Pokémon variants, you will never find one. They have the same stats as their regular counterparts, but they come in unique colors, which is, of course, a huge flex to have.

In this game, you can have a  Gyarados that’s red instead of blue or a Magikarp that’s golden instead of red. So if you want one of your own, be sure to follow this guide.

Mass Outbreaks

Pokémon Legends: Arceus has a new in-world event called Mass Outbreaks. In simple words, they’re relatively large clusters of the same Pokémon. According to Reddit users, this even is great for Shiny Pokemon hunters, as they increase the odds of finding them.

How to use Mass Outbreaks to find Shiny Pokemon

  • Step 1) Disable auto-save from the game’s settings
  • Step 2) While at Jubilife Village, talk to the villager at the gate and he will tell you if there’s any ongoing outbreaks. On the map, select an outbreak you like and save manually (don’t go to the location yet). If you dont find any, you can go to one of the Wild Areas outside of Jubilife and sleep to pass time and keep doing it until something you want shows up. Remember to save when it does.
  • Step 3) Go to the wild areas with the outbreak and find its location. Mark it on the map and head over to it. Check and see if there’s a shiny Pokemon, if not, go back to Jubilife and return to the horde again, this is how you reset the encounters. You can repeat this until you can find a Shiny Pokemon.
  • Step 3a) Certain Pokemon always show up in the same parts of a given wild area. Consider locations of base camps and fast travel points, as well as vantage points to fly from if you’ve unlocked it. Try to make it as efficient as possible for you because this can become time consuming. Also when in a wild area, you can pull up a list of fast travel points by pressing X on the map.
  • Step 4) Every time you return to Jubilife, check if the outbreak is still there. This is because at some point, the outbreak might disappear or change to a different Pokémon when you return. If it’s still there, save again. Save every time you return to the Village after checking on the status of the outbreak on the world map. If it’s not there anymore, reset the game and the outbreak will be there again.
  • Step 5) When you do find a Shiny, don’t forget to save after you find your target before trying to catch it, because it might run away or KO itself! Shinies stay in place when you save and reload.

That’s all regarding resetting and manipulating Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that you needed to know to find Shiny Pokemon of your own. Hope our guide works for you. Good luck Hunting!

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Aditya is an ardent PC gamer, game developer and content writer. He covers the upcoming AAA games ranging from multiplayer shooters to story based campaigns. You can always depend on him for the latest on the greatest and the best recommendations that you can get.

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