Best Simple Minecraft CottageCore Builds Tips & Ideas

If you’ve been playing Minecraft for a while, the most fun thing to do in-game is building. Once you’ve explored the world around Minecraft and finished the game, the building is one of the main attractions in the game. In this article, we will discuss the best tips for making a Minecraft Cottagecore house.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game produced by Mojang Studios, a Swedish video game developer. The game was written in Java by Markus “Notch” Persson. In this game, you can create your world the way you imagine

What is Cottagecore design?

Minecraft Cottagecore House – Screenshot from PlatinumThief

If you play Stardew Valley or any similar games, you already know what cottagecore is all about. It is a type of house where the design is based on nature and a green vibe. The core of the design is based around trees, flowers, bushes, and a little wooden home in the middle of a huge garden that you can tend to daily. While there are people who love building ultra-farming mechanical farms to gather a crazy amount of material daily, some people like to just chill and tend to their garden and make a nice home. This design is perfect for people like that.

Tips for Minecraft Cottagecore Build

Now that you know what a cottagecore design is, the next thing that comes is the best tips to build the perfect and unique cottagecore design for yourself that will make you feel homely and proud of yourself. Here are the tips to aid you in your Minecraft Cottagecore endeavours.

Quality over quantity

The soul of cottagecore design lies in paying attention to the miniature details around the build rather than trying to make a build that takes up the entire map. While there are builds specifically designed for the sheer size of them, this is not one of them.

Quality is more important than quantity in Minecraft Cottagecore builds. You can build a very tiny design and spend an unhealthy amount of time paying attention to every single tile and detail in the small design and it will turn out to be absolutely fantastic.

Minecraft Flowers are the main attraction

Minecraft cottagecore builds
Minecraft flowers

While this build revolves around the touch of grass, the smell of nature, and wooden houses, it would look very bland without the addition of flowers. Flowers are the main attraction in this build.

This is where most of the minute detailing goes that is mentioned in the last tip. There are a variety of flower types and colours in Minecraft and an amazing placement of these give life to your build.

So, clearly, one of the most important things to do when you go for this build is to find a flower forest biome. These flowers can be used in creative ways in your design like putting them in pots on your windowsill or just putting them in the garden outside your house.

Custom tree designs Minecraft

While the default trees in Minecraft look great, there is not a whole lot of them. There are maybe 6 different tree designs in Minecraft by default and you will need way more than that to make your base look good. While this seems like a mammoth of a task, making custom tree designs isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it. One of the nice custom tree designs is that of a willow tree.

1.17 Foilage update Minecraft

Update 1.17 has probably released the best thing that can ever happen to Minecraft Cottagecore designs. They’ve released a vast amount of Foilage in the game including two kinds of leaves, glow berries, hanging roots, moss blocks, moss carpets, etc. It is one of the best additions to Minecraft Cottagecore and people looking to make these designs are going to have great help from these.

Interior designing Minecraft

Cottagecore interior design

While the exterior design is the main focus in Minecraft cottagecore builds, the interior design is still a very important part of it. The interior is recommended to be made with wood, clay, and stone just like the houses would be in similar builds in real life. While you can use the other material if you want to, it will take away from the cottagecore vibe. Plus, the different types of wood, stone, and clay in Minecraft are more than enough to provide you with the best interior designs.

Add water for a finishing touch in Minecraft

Just like flowers, a Minecraft Cottagecore build would definitely look like it’s missing something when there is no water around. One would wonder, how is all this greenery surviving without any water? So, one of the most important finishing touches is to add water to your design. This can be in form of ponds, rivers, or waterfalls if you are living in the mountains.

Once you’ve made use of all these tips, you will definitely have yourself a great Minecraft Cottagecore build.

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