Mirror 2 Project X: How to Change Text Language to English

Mirror 2 Project X is the new story-driven game that is currently in early access, wherein the game as the player, you will be engaged in a huge, complicated, and diverse universe that offers a completely unique experience.

As you Download the game from Steam you will see something weird with the language. The Default language for the game is Chinese, which will confuse you if you didn’t manage to change the language very soon.

So, In this Post, we explained the process for changing the text language of Mirror 2 Project X from Chinese to English very quickly. To Follow this –

How to Change Mirror 2 Project X Text Language?

When you first launch the game, at the very beginning of the title screen, you will see all words in Chinese but do not worry in just a minute you can change the language. to change the language –

  1. Start the game and wait in the first title screen
  2. Click the Settings icon on the Top right
  3. The Last One with Globe icon is the language Option
  4. Click on the right arrow to switch to English
  5. Now Go Back to the game

That was very quick, now you can understand every word in the game without struggling much. The tutorial was very basic, but it can be a little difficult for newbies to do all this. So, make sure you got the steps right and changed the language from Chinese to English.

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