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MLB The Show 22: Best Settings, Tips to Fix Xbox Controller Lag

The latest addition to the MLB franchise MLB The Show 22 was released on 5th April 2022. What makes this release from all the releases prior is that this time MLB was released on all the major platforms  PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, as well as Nintendo Switch whereas the last few entries were only launched on the PS4.

Since the MLB franchise is pretty new to other platforms some issues were bound to happen and many players have already reported an issue with the XBOX controller while playing the game. So today we will tell you about the best settings you should use and what you can do for the controller lag on the XBOX controller.

Best Settings for MLB The Show 22

Here are some of the settings we highly advise you use in your own game for a better experience overall we have only mentioned the settings that we believe you really should implement in your game, but make sure to experiment and test different settings for yourself before you start getting serious in online play.

Batting and Baserunning Basic Settings

  • Hitting View – According to us the best hitting view you should be using is Strike Zone 2, many pro players are also seen using this view in their games.
  • In-Play View Offense – We recommend you keep this setting Dynamic as you feel more in-game due to the camera nature after you hit the ball.
  • Hitting Interface – Keep this setting to Zone as it is the most rewarding to learn and master, this is great for players looking to play more competitively and looking to improve.
  • Plate Coverage Indicator – We recommend you keep this setting On but it doesn’t really matter in gameplay if you are comfortable with the indicator off.

Batting and Baserunning Advanced Settings

  • Base Running Interface – One of the most important settings in the Batting and Baserunning Advanced Settings, we highly recommend that you change this setting to Classic from the default setting as we believe it gives you a lot more control over your players. However, do try this in training before hopping online


  • Pitching Interface – Try changing this setting to Pinpoint as it has the most remove for you as a player to grow and improve. Many players already familiar with other interfaces are also switching to this setting and learning the game.
  • Pitching Ball Marker – Make sure to keep your Pitch Trail On as we believe it gives a better idea of your every pitch and gives you more insight.


  • Throwing Interface and RTTS Throwing Interface – Keep both of these settings on Button accuracy as by far it is the most convenient interface compared to others in the game.
  • Throwing Meter– Keep this On as you will be able to see the chevron display giving you more information.
  • Throw Cancelling – Keep this On as canceling a throw could be important in many games.

Audio and Video

For audio and video, you should just use what suits you as in this game audio doesn’t really play a major role as it does in First Person Shooter games and video settings are highly subjective and would vary from player to player.

XBOX Controller Lag Issue

While playing the new MLB game, players who were using the standard new-generation XBOX reported facing various issues with controller lag and delayed response of the game. This is a very severe problem for the players as having such a delay in your inputs and the game’s response puts you at a clear disadvantage when playing against people who don’ face this issue.

Unfortunately, there is no known way to make the standard new-generation X-Box controller work for MLB 22 and if you want to use that controller to play the game competitively you would have to wait for a patch addressing this issue. But till the developers patch this you will have to bear the lag if you use the standard controller.

But it’s not all bad news as various other XBOX controllers do work perfectly fine with MLB. So if you really want to play the game seriously you would have to use one of the controllers mentioned below-

  • XBOX Thrustmaster
  • Horipad for XBOX
  • PDP Controller
  • Power A Controller

Hopefully, the developers patch this out soon so that the game could be played at a level playing field without having to change their controllers.

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