MLB The Show 22 XP CAP Glitch Farm

Major League Baseball(MLB) the show is a baseball video game franchise that releases a game every year based on the Major Basketball League. MLB the show 22, released on April 5, 2022, is developed by San Diego Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. In this article, we talk about the best ways and glitches for MLB the Show 22 XP farm.

Road to the Show glitch

While Road to the Show is a great way to earn XP fast in-game, it can easily get boring and tedious for players. It requires around 600,000 XP to complete the program while upgrading your Archetypes. Road to the Show contains various Archetype programs for every Archetype item. This will be how players will be able to earn the XP fast.

First of all, to start off this method, players will need to head to the Vaults Menu and search a roster with ‘bigtomk22’. Make sure you search with Online ID. Download the All Zero’s Choose Detroit.

MLB the show 22 XP farm
Screenshot taken from – Bigtomk22

Next, start a completely new Road of the Show just for using this method. Create a new Ballplayer and select the ‘Fielder‘ playstyle. You can choose any of the Archetype from power, contact, or fielding. Go through the rest of the settings and finish setting up your Ballplayer.

After that, in the Roster pop-up, click on ‘Load Saved Roster’ and choose the Roster that you downloaded earlier. It is very important to use this Roster for this glitch. Once you’ve gotten into the game, you will get a call. Make sure you select that you want to play for The Tigers.

Once all of this is done, players will have to carefully tinker with some settings as the next part of the process. You need to make sure that presentation is set to Fast Play and Player lock fielding opportunities is set to None and Player Lock Baserunning Opportunities is set to Lead Runner under Mode Specific.

Once all of this is done, the next step is to set sliders to their respective maximum/minimum level. Following is the list of the sliders that you’re supposed to keep at a certain position to be completely efficient.

The sliders that need to be set to max by moving the slider to complete right side:

  • Human Contact
  • Human Power
  • Human Timing
  • Human Foul Frequency
  • Human Solid Hits
  • Human Starter Stamina
  • Human Reliever Stamina
  • Human Pitcher Control
  • Human Pitcher Consistency
  • CPU Pitcher Control
  • CPU Pitcher Consistency
  • CPU Strike Frequency
  • Fielding Errors Infield
  • Fielding Errors Outfield
  • Throwing Errors Infield
  • Throwing Errors Outfield
  • Baserunner Speed
  • Baserunner Steal Ability
  • Baserunner Steal Frequency

These sliders need to be set to min. by moving the slider at the very left:

  • CPU Contact
  • CPU Power
  • CPU Timing
  • CPU Foul Frequency
  • CPU Solid Hits
  • CPU Starter Stamina
  • CPU Reliever Stamina
  • CPU Manager Hook
  • CPU Pickoffs
  • Fielder Run Speed
  • Fielder Reaction
  • Fielder Arm Strength Infield
  • Fielder Arm Strength Outfield
  • Gameplay Injury Frequency
  • Simulator Injury Frequency
  • Trade Frequency

Ignore the warning about XP being reduced and you will notice that most key missions will be repeatable ones. Once all of this setup is done, it is time to play Road to the show and find out for yourself how easy it is to dominate.

One of the major things to note here is that this glitch can only be repeated a limited number of times unlike the similar glitch in MLB 21. Other than this, the fastest way for MLB the Show 22 XP Farm would be to run conquest, mini-seasons, etc.

Hope this guide for MLB the Show 22 XP farm and glitches were useful.

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