COD Modern Warfare 2: How To Fix Screen Flickering Issue

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CoD Modern Warfare 2 is set the become one of the most anticipated and played games of the year beating a lot of previous records but, it’s still far from perfect, and every now and then encounters a new problem or a glitch.

After finally battling through the two driver errors which popped into the system a day or two back, the issue right now seems to be some sort of screen flickering.

Though this issue seems a little trivial, when added to playing it for long hours it becomes a little distracting and hampers the gaming experience to the point of it becoming unplayable.

Though players can wait for a hotfix that should be released soon, till then here are a few ways to bypass this issue and restore the smooth gaming experience.

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How to fix Modern Warfare 2’s Issue

  • Update your graphics driver to make sure there aren’t any outdated files or programs that can cause bugs.
  • Try turning on V-Sync to synchronize the frame rate you are getting with your System’s frame rate
  • Check for updates on your PC like OS updates and apply them by downloading and installing them
  • try running Modern Warfare 2 as an ‘administrator.
  • Players with a higher refresh rate may try to turn down the FPS.
  • Players who are playing at the max settings can try turning it down to medium.

The following methods are obviously not ‘the’ way for a permanent fix, which will be possible after an in-game update, but for now, these methods will surely reduce the screen flickering issue and improve the gameplay experience.

Such issues are pretty normal as the game is still in its infancy stage and there is still a lot to optimize and fix which takes its own time and resources.

Till then, try using these tips and enjoy the game and also report any such bugs on the official community forums to increase their visibility to the developers!

Follow and post your issues to the devs!

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